4 Weeks into 1st Cycle. Issues

I’m in week 4 of running my first cycle opting for straight test-e. 400mg a week (200mg twice a week). I have been having sore nipples off and on and my sex drive seems to be waning a bit where I was pretty charged up the first couple weeks. After reading through a ton of forums I came to the conclusion to not run an A.I. unless necessary. I have some nova for my pct and access to Letro with a-dex on the way. The nipple thing isn’t a huge issue just a little annoying and their hard most the time. I know its early in the cycle and at a fairly low dose. Thoughts?

Stats are 49 yr old, 225lbs, around 15% BF, Training natural for about 7 years.

Try to hold out another week or two. The nipple thing is somewhat normal and may just be your body adjusting to the new norm. Do you have any signs of high E2?

Last cycle I ran just Test E 500mg a week and needed no AI at all. I’m currently running 500 a week again, and week 5 I needed an AI. My sex drive tanked, I was extremely irritable, and my nipples were a bit more uncomfortable than they had been my first two cycles in the early weeks.

I tried to skip a dose of aromasin in hopes that I might not need it, and was a raging bitch the next day.

I’d try to hold off a week or two before messing with anything. If you get other high estrogen symptoms, id start super small with adex. .25mg twice a week on injection days, and adjust from there. I’m taking 12.5mg of aromasin just when I pin twice a week, and it’s made a world of difference.

I will continue to try and run no AI in future cycles even with my need this time.

Only symptoms so far would be just the sore nips and a lower sex drive. Haven’t been emotional or anything like that.

I’d personally ride it out another week or two before adding anything then. Im only on my third cycle, so take my advice for what it is.

I have never had major issues. For me, test just

  1. Causes me to eat like a horse

  2. Feel like I’m constantly burning up, like a furnace

  3. I do get some lethargy. It’s hard to have a full night’s sleep. But gear can cause this.

  4. horny all the fucking time

I am assuming what is going on is that the Honeymoon phase is over. Now your natural test is shutting down, your body is going to need time to balance itself. Just give it some time.

Had some nipple sensitivity on my first cycle as well. No biggie. Give it time.