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4 Weeks in Test E Cycle. Not Stronger, Feeling Aggression/Sides

I’ve been doin 250mg of testE I don’t feel any stonger but I do have aggression like no other and easily iratable and ready to fight im extremely confrontational and impulsive .should I add another 250mg a week for a total of 500mg weekly I also have 200 tabs of anavar im looking to put on lean size I keep my estrogen in check with aromasin .

250mg is a normal/high TRT dose.

I’m aware of that so shud I go up to 500mg I already feel to much aggression and no inhibition

Just to be clear, you’re only running 250mg/wk?
If so I can tell you getcut is right. What you’ve essentially done is taken a dose just slightly more than you were probably producing naturally…enough to shut you down but not enough to see real gains (IMO).
I would jump up to 250mg 2x/wk and see how you feel then. You still need to work on your anger issues…

yes I need to realize majority of people have no self respect and therfore do no respect others and I shouldn’t allow myself to be affected by there behavior. and I will hop on 250mg twice a week .

Exaclty. The only person you control is yourself. You choose to get mad or not…choose not to.

I also have to mention that now would be a good time for blood work…some or your irratability may be coming from your E levels; you’d also be able to see a relativley normal (I suspect) T level.

my irratability is the same I’m just more inclined to do something about the trigger

Test E just starts to kick at 4 weeks. For some a little earlier and for some a little later. That’s why you usually run it for longer cycles. Even at 250mg, you will prob feel something soon as this would put you at 1.5-2x normal levels. Yes, you should probably run 500mg/wk. Give yourself a little more time for it to kick.

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