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4 Weeks In, No Change. Feeling Demotivated

Hi guys I’m 4 weeks into a diet program and training

This is my stats


Age 28


Weight 204lbs

My BMR 1840

Body type Endomorph


Protein Grams :167
Fat Grams : 78
Carbs Grams : 166
Fiber Grams : 31-41

2031 calories

My goal is to loose weight and get lean

I’m training 4x a week moderately intense I break a hell of a sweat each time

My cardio is getting better doing HIIT 10-12min

I don’t understand some people saying I need to up my calories and some say need to stay on a calorie deficit can someone clear this

My abdominal measurements haven’t changed it’s getting frustrating
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

My strength has definitely increased without a doubt from 20kg squats to 90kg in 4 weeks

Leg press from 40kg to 140kg

Brief outline of my diet


Impact diet whey 1 serving (myprotein)

2 rice cakes low fat with peanut butter (whole earth) and 1 banana

Then post workout - green apple

After 30/60min

Chicken breast baked or sometimes chicken curry cooked in coconut oil
And 50-70g of carbs ( Long grain rice easy

Snack: 0 fat green yogurt peanut butter and honey

Dinner: beef Bolognese with 40g carbs brown pasta.

Snack: some nuts or cottage cheese.

I really don’t know what’s going on
Is it my body type? Endomorph? Do I need to consume less carbs what is it

All replies will be really appreciated.

What sticks out to me is the diet: is that really all you ever eat? Also, there’s no weights for most of the foods. How do you know how much you’re eating and if that changes from day to day?

Based on what you’ve posted it sounds like you don’t really know how much you’re eating and are probably failing to note any snacks and diversions from what you think you should be eating. If you really were just eating what you posted, every day, in exactly the same quantities, you would likely be seeing some changes.

You also gave absolutely no details about what you’re doing in training, although that has much less influence on your body composition.


Definitely listen to Mark’s comments, he knows his stuff in terms of fat loss/body recomp (from his own experience).

This is a glaring issue in itself. You’re ONLY 4 weeks into a diet. Give it 4 MONTHS and evaluate. If you’re putting in the work in the weight room and remaining in a calorie deficit you will lose fat.

Make this goal to “Lose FAT and get lean” not lose weight.

So you have worked out for 4 weeks, following a more specific diet and you’ve gained a ton of strength and your weight has remained the same? This sounds perfect. This is exactly what you want. If your strength is going up, your muscle mass will follow. If your weight starts increasing then you can make some tweaks, but as long as strength is increasing and your weight is remaining the same or decreasing you’re in a good spot.

This is a long term goal, so enjoy the process. You didn’t get to 205lbs @ 5’6" in 4 weeks and you aren’t going to get lean in 4 weeks either.

If you plan on sticking around here, I’d suggest starting a training log. That will be a good place to stay accountable for your workouts and diet and get some constructive feedback from members.

Good luck!


Everything I would have said, has been said. Just to make myself feel like I’ve contributed imma highlight the IMO key points (for my own satisfaction ((yes I’m selfish like that)) and your benefit):

Ok cool, I feel better about myself now. Winning!

Oh did anyone mention these things take time and consistency? Of course they did… Silly me!


i weigh my food

daily carbs is 166g
protein 167g
fats 78

give or take it is this what I’m consuming

have you heard of LDN muscle cutting guide?

before 4 weeks i was consuming more than 3000 calories with junk or even more.

4 weeks I’ve been eating clean. and i weigh my food. only progress I’m seeing is in the weights room. compound lifts is my go to all the time like i said from 20kg to 90kg on squats. 10-12 reps

thank you but my body still looks all bulky and round belly lol

In other words, you’re eating extras. Because

No-one is that accurate every day without seeing results.

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thank you I’m sticking around this time i aint playing need to loose the fat.
I’m still a newbie to this, never used forums before

will have to re check my consumption

4 weeks is plenty time to lose some weight.

You’re fucking up your calories somewhere.


he actually didn’t say he hasn’t lost weight.

How did we get 13 posts in without anyone asking if his weight has changed? Unless I missed that answer somewhere… All I’m seeing is that he said ‘my abdominal measurements haven’t changed.’

OP: have you lost any weight?


true; I just figured that’s what he must mean by “no change”.

Admittedly I find myself more and more just skimming these type of threads…

Lol your right didn’t say anything about weight…

Nope still same on the scale

Your right I think it might be the banana and honey. For some reason

Why are you running a 33/33/33 macro split? At that kind of deficit, I’d recommend 253g of protein, 126g of carbs, and 56g of fat for a 50/25/25 split.

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I highly doubt a banana and some honey is what’s kept you from seeing any progress for a month. Something’s not adding up. Unless your metabolism is in the trash you should be losing some fat on that number of cals/macros.

it’s possible you’ve put on a little lean mass, lost the same amount of fat mass, and just haven’t been able to see it in the mirror yet. Have you been measuring body fat levels? Do you do any conditioning?

There was a time I could shovel away a 10,000+ calorie day once every week or two and go on my merry way. One day, this all changed and a single over the top meal was able to ruin an entire week of effort. Serious bullshit.

Are you having slips? That may be causing more issues than you think.

If all else is in balance, add a 2 x 15 minute walk or cut a tiny bit of food (say 5g of fat and 15g of carbs) and you should start to see the ball rolling.