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4 Weeks - Enth/Prop


Greetings guys,
For several reasons I am considering a 4 week cycle consisting of test enth and prop. My main concerns are increased work capacity and recovery. I wouldn't be at all upset if I gained 5 lbs of muscle and lost 5 lbs of fat, but weight gain isn't a goal of mine.

Here is what I have planned:

Week 1-4:
tE - frontload of 400mg
tP - 50mg ED

Week 1-3:
tE - 75mg E3D

I chose these numbers to coincide with the obligatory 500mg for first timers. I realize that the 500mg was suggested for an 8-10 week cycle, which is why I would like opinions on the dosage I have proposed for a 4 week cycle. Thanks


500mg is not obligatory, it is just better than the 250mg often opted for.

4 weeks for a single run style cycle is not the best use of AAS.

Higher doses of either alone would be as effective as less of each.

What about recovery and Estrogen management?

Increased work capacity and recovery is absolutely fine as a goal - but it is a little to broad. The recovery/work capacity of a Power-lifter will differ from that of a Tennis player..

If you do honestly just want a higher level of conditioning; better overall performance, a little more muscle, slightly improved body composition and a higher physical integrity, i would opt for <200mg of T stacked with a higher dose of a different anabolic (Primo, Bold, Mast, Nand) - one that is going to have a more beneficial effect on connective tissues.

And over a little longer too.. for single runs that are in no manner connected, 6 weeks is a nice minimum - it is plenty long enough to see results and react to them, but not so long that you feel like you are taking a risk.



What I quoted from you pretty much sums it up I think. I will look into those 4 compounds you listed and see which one suits me. For now though, 1 bottle of enth and 2 bottles of prop is what I will have to work with.

The 4 week cycle came about mainly due to timing issues. Without boring you all with my life story, opting for a short cycle with a shorter recovery and thus being able to start another run sooner rather than later will work better for me at the moment. The 2 weeks on/off stuff does not interest me, not that it isn't effective it's just not for me, so I went with 4. I will consider going for 6 weeks now with your recommendation.

This is not being planned as a single run, I had planned to do as many 4 week cycles as I safely could over the next couple of years.

I do have adex and nolva planned for estrogen management and pct.

How would you run these 2 compounds for 4-6 weeks then? I could always just save the test enth for later if 2X 100mg/ml vials of prop is enough for a decent short cycle.



I do 4 weeks on regularly and i find that it is VERY beneficial to use a short ester (like propionate) as it means recovery is in fact faster, and another run can be attempted sooner, not to mention that the T becomes active [de-esterified] faster too with the shorter chain.

It is possible to (and i do) start with a frontloaded Enanthate ester and switch after 2 weeks or so.. to finish on the Prop and reap the benefits of that ester (it may be due to cost or availability one would choose to do this - the latter in my and your case).

You are much more switched on that i gave credit for, and for that i apologise.

If by 'these two compounds' you mean the two esters of T, then i would start with the Enanth and finish with the Prop.

If you meant the T and 'x-anabolic', i would dose the T at (under) <200mg a week and add in approx. 400mg of an anabolic (400mg would work with most i can think of - Mast, Var, Stan, Tren, Bold, Primo).

I am not positive on Trenbolone's effect on collagen synthesis - and it does seem to suppress harder, so you will want to look into that (i am pretty sure it is pro-fibroblast though - as all are up-to a point AFAIK).



I think you should just use prop at the desired dose. If both are available it just makes more sense to use the shorter ester.


Thanks you two. Gave me some ideas and things to consider.