4 Weeks Arm Program

Hello guys,

im just afraid about the fact that my arms are my weakness.
So, i decide to do a 4 weeks arm specialization program. I dunno which
one is most suitable for my current situation.

My data:
178 cm
87 KG
Benchpress 102 KG x 6
Rumänien Deadlift 142x6
Squat 118x6
Arm size just 38cm

I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Thank you

15" arms on a 5’ 10", 190lb body is a little on the small side so I will play along
Also, you posted some lifts. You need to get those up. Hopefully you’ll push the rest of your body hard after this specialization program

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you think 4 weeks are enough? i could extend the period to 6 weeks if it helps developing my arms…
they doesn’t fit in my looking now.

do you think i can exchange push ups which are mentioned in the article with dips and heavy dips with bench press?
because i have no weight belt for them

You have some work ahead of you to do to find out. That’s the true beauty of the gym. You can alter a program if needed