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4 Weeks After Last Shot, Start PCT?

Hi guys. As the title says It’s been 4 weeks since my last shot I did a 17 week cycle of Test Cyp 500mg and I’m just wondering if the test will still be working in my system or have I started the recovery process? I started Nolva 2 weeks after my last shot I’m doing 40/40/20/20/10. I’ve lost about 3kg in weight and some strength but still stronger than before I started the cycle., Hopefully don’t lose anymore! Also last couple of days I’ve felt like I could sleep all day so I’m taking that as my test has ran out and I’m waiting for my balls to start again or is it still to soon seeing as Cyp is such a long ester?

Thanks guys

Yes the test is mostly cleared by now with about 6.25% remaining in your body. This is an adequate time to start PCT. Two weeks after is too soon but if you’ve already started just continue as you have planned above.

I waited a month with enanthate and I can tell you that I was getting mad morning woods waaay until day 25-26.

it not that it lasts way too long it just that the amount you are shooting during a cycle takes too long to go below natural levels after you stop.
THAT is when you can start pct because your body won’t give a shit how much nolva clomid or whatever you swallow before that, because it knows it has normal/high levels of test in the system.
I had do go by sense (my dick) since bloodwork isn’t an option for me and around day 30 I had almost NO morning woods and no sexual thought so I started the pct. 40/40/30/20 something along these lines