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4 Week Test Prop Cycle 21 Years Old

I am thinking of doing my first cycle. Because of time pressure, I only have 4 weeks this summer to complete it because i might get tested. I was thinking of taking test prop for 4 weeks at either 100 or 150mg eod. Do you think I will need to take clomid or nolvadex for such a short cycle, also I want to gain at least 5kg of lean muscle, could I achieve this goal during this shorter cycle? any suggestions appreciated.

Bodyweight: 85kg/ 185
Bodyfat 9%

Been lifting regularly with proper programming for 7 years.

explain ‘being tested’

also post pics of current condition and more info about your training and nutrition etc.

for what its worth prop for a first cycle will fucking suck. I use prop and pin EOD and it is not enjoyable.

I cant post pictures right now, but I have a professional s and c programme for my specific sport and discipline. I may be drug tested for peds, although its unlikely.
I wanted to know if I could do the cycle without clomid and nolvadex because they would cause a failed drugs test as well. I train 4 times a week weight and have 3 conditioning sessions and 2 speed sessions currently. although when on cycle I would increase weight sessions to 6 times a week and remove most of the cardiovascular work. I’ve heard it will hurt but I’m willing to handle the pain.

Also my nutrition. I eat 3700 calories made up of 300g protein, 400 carbs and 60g fats. Mainly made up of lean chicken breast, and pasta.

4 weeks is way too short. Just wait for a better time. Also no matter what. When you pin anything it’ll shut down your natural test within hours of injection. So yes PCT is needed unless you want to spend months recovering your natural test levels.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah i figured its just i need to put on some serious weight for next season and thats my only window. My test levels are low as it is so yeah having a good pct is probable needed.