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4 Week Program - Gains So Far

I’ve been AWOL from commenting on the boards for a bit but have gotten back into the gym on a more consistent basis and am mixing up my lifting routine after finishing a 12 week program.

For the next four week (finished 1.5 weeks so far) i’m doing the following

Mon & Th are the same
Squat 5x5
Deadlift 5x5
Bench 5x5
Bent Rows 5x8
Calf Press

Tues & Friday are the same
CLeans 5x8
Dips 5x5
Chinup 5x?
Shoulder Press 5x8
Standing Curl 5x8

I went with the big 10 lifts and have really enjoyed it.

Eating 300g+ in protein and over 3000 calories a day.

Started out @ 190lbs 16% body fat and after one week was 194lbs 16% bf so gained 3lbs muscle, 1lb fat. Tweaking calories some but still maintiaining 300-350g+ protein a day.

So far my total weight lifted is:

04-Aug 07-Aug 11-Aug
Squat 7325 7375 7575
Deadlift 4975 5150 5325
Bench 5375 5450 5475
Bent Row 3225 2975 3375
Calf Raise 4050 2700 2700 (seated)
05-Aug 08-Aug 12-Aug
Cleans 2875 3000 3075
Dips 1250 1375 1500
Shld Press 2775 2900 3125
Curl 1700 1725 1750

Calves are onlything really un improved on due to lowering weight for a ‘better’ lift. Was too heavy and couldn’t squeeze at top. Also left me prone to ‘cramps’ in my calves while lifting.

Figured I might journal here and accept any critiques you guys have. After the 4 weeks i’m going to a higher rep to give the muscles a break, then possibly coming back. Will try to create a ‘varation’ of the big 10 like:

Front Squat 5x10
Partial Deadlift 5x8
Incline Bench 5x8
Tbar Rows 5x10
Standing Calf Raises

Snatches 5x8
Dips 5x10
Chinups 4x?
Dbell Shld press 5x10
Preacher Curls 5x12

Want to run this for about 3 months between the two programs/lift styles. Eating clean and hoping to put on some good mass as well as strength. Here are my #'s for the past 6 workouts just to see where i’ve been and where i’m at.

08/04/08 Monday Lunch

Squats 225 305 305 315 315 x5
Bench 205 215 215 220 220 x5
Deadlifts 185 195 205 205 205 x5
Sitting Calf Raises 135 180 180 180 135 x5
Bent Bbell Rows 115 125 135 135 135 x8

08/05/08 Tuesday Lunch

Cleans 115 115 115 115 115 x8
Dips 50 50 50 50 50 x5
Chinups 10 8 5 5
Shoulder Press 95 105 115 120 120 x8
Standing Curls Wide grip 60 70 70 70 70 x8

08/07/08 Lunch

Squats 225 305 310 315 320 x5
Bench 135 205 215 220 225 225 x5
Deadlift 195 195 205 215 220 x5
Bent Bbell Row 115 115 115 125 125 x8
Calf Raises 140 90 90 110 110 x5

08/08/08 Friday Lunch

Cleans 115 120 120 120 125 x8
Dips 55 55 55 55 55 x5
Chin ups 10 7 7 6
Shldr Press 100 110 120 125 125 x8
Standing Curl 60 70 70 70 75 x8

08/10/08 Night

Squats 225 315 325 325 325 x5
Bench 205 215 220 225 230 x5
Deadlift 195 205 215 225 225 x5
Bent Rows 135 135 135 135 135 x8
Calf Raises 90 90 110 120 130 x5 4 sec squeeze

08/12/08 Lunch Tuesday

Cleans 115 125 125 125 125 x8
Dips 60 60 60 60 60 x5
Chinups 10 8 6 6
Shoulder Press 115 125 130 130 125 x8
Standing Bbell Curl 60 70 70 75 75 x8

the problem is ur deadlift sucks because u bench and squat before it, which is why u need to switch to a split unless ur happy with a crap deadlift.
but if its packing on mass by all means stick with it if thats what u want

Hadn’t really thought about that aspect of it.

Getting more into the O lifts & powerlifting lifts and trying to train with them. The deadlift isn’t something i’ve ‘done’ alot (maybe 8 weeks out of 9 months). Really trying to incorporate it more in my programs now in all the different variations.

Appreciate the insight on why it might suck so bad.

then alternate btw squats and deads, one day do squats and the other do deads. then do DE for the one that ur doing third

08/17/08 Night Sunday

Squats 225 295 295 305 315 x5
Bench 205 215 225 230 235 x5
Deadlift 195 205 225 225 x5
Bent Bbell Rows 135 135 135 135 x8

What a night. Hadn’t lifted since last tuesday. Had a procedure done one Thursday last week in the hospital so no real food Wed & very little thursday. Recovered over Friday and finally felt better today to do some lifting.

Didn’t go as heavy as I thought I might on the squats but wanted to take it easy. Stomach/abdominal area still sore.

Was surprised my bench still increased. Up to 235x5 after the other’s so was fine with that. Didn’t go for all 5 sets on the Deadlift as legs were bothering some. Rowed only 4 sets also to help with core (still sore).

Skipped calves tonight as i was tired and didn’t wana over do it the first night back. Still felt good just to lift. Was dieing to get back in gym after not eating how I want or getting any exercise.

08/18/08 Night Monday

Cleans 115 125 125 125 130 x8
Dips 65 65 65 65 65 x5
Chinups 10 9 8 6
Standing Curls 60 70 70 75 75 x8

Not a bad night. Still dont feel 100%. Core still sore/tender.

Cleans wore me out again… man their tuff with a 2 min rest

Dips & Chinups felt great

Couldn’t do my Shoulder Press as gym was packed (footballs back in season) and couldnt’ get a seat to do them on and wasn’t going to do them standing.

Curls were good.

Overall I enjoyed working out, just really waiting for myself to get fully healed up. Going to take Tues & Wed off and come back on Thursday hopefully better.

08/20/08 Wed Night

Squat 225 315 325 330 330 x5
Bench 135 225 225 235 240 x5 245x4
Deadlift 215 215 225 235 245 x5
Bent Rows 135 135 135 135 135 x8
Calf Raises 90 100 110 120 120 x5 4sec/0sec/4sec tempo

Great workout. Man loving this routine. feeling stronger all the time. Tonight was first night i didn’t feel sore from my procedure.

Squats went well, felt good, could have done some more weight but was playing safe.

Bench went great. Almost had the 245 x5 on last set but had to have help to finish that one off.

Deadlift is improving (even after doing it after squats). Form getting better which is helping too.

Rows I need to start upping weight. Biggest issue here is back fatigue after deadlifts.

Calf raises are great. 4 Second squeeze at top and 4 second hang at bottom really work it.

ur DL is still low compared to bench, because u do the big three all in one day i really would like to consider a split for the sake of the deadlift… u wont loose strength only gain far more than u are

I think that if your doing 5 sets of squats you deffinatly DONT need another 5 sets of deadlift. Thats overkill bro; especially twice weekly.

If your going to do squats and deads on the same day, I’ve seen people increase their dead numbers by just doing 1-2 sets of deads on top of their squat sets. Because they are similar muscle chain, your squat work will compliment your deads and even at a few sets per week your dead numbers should be going up.

This will also make it easier for you to not be 100% gassed before bench press.

I think i’ll go split set after this 4 week routine. Got 1 more week to go then I’ll be done with it.

Whats your thoughts on how a split might look for you all? I still want to do the cleans as I’ve really enjoyed them. Right now i’m pushing for a 450 squat 315 bench and 350 DL (all with consistancy vs the ‘good’ days).

08/25/08 Monday Lunch

Squat 225 315 325 335 345 345 x5
Bench 135 225 230 235 235 235 x5
Deadlift 205 215 225 225 225 x5

Good workout today.

MIssed last week last workout after the van got hit with 2 mattresses from a truck infront of it. Everyones ok, van’s jacked, but missed my workout that night.

Squat was good. Almost went 355 but wanted to save some for the Deadlifts.

Bench went good, last set was RUFF. Just didn’t feel it today on the bench.

Deadlifts is where the workout hammered me. Didn’t eat as normal in the morning (hectic day at work) and started to ‘black out’ some during the deadlifts. Haven’t had that before so finished up and called the workout short vs running into issues.

08/26/08 Tuesday Lunch

Cleans 115 125 125 125 125 x8
Dips 70 70 70 70 70 x5
Chinups 10 9 6 6
Shld Press 115 125 135 135 135 x8
Standing Curls 70 70 75 75 80 x8

What a workout today… felt good, hit it hard and by the end was ready for the showers.

Cleans - Gosh its amazing how these always kick my rear by the end of it. Enjoy them alot tho and have really noticed some more ‘explosive power’.

Dips well i’ve increased 5lbs each time i’ve done this, but next week I doubt I’ll manage 75lbs for 5 sets. Last 2 were tuff, but we’ll see if I can’t pull it off :slight_smile:

Chinups - sometimes I wonder how long 4 sets of 10 will take to get too… I know if i did these without any other exercises before I’d be closer but still we can dream right?

Shldr press - increased weight and really pushed it. Felt good, last set was a bear but glad I did it.

Curls - upped weight again. Feeling stronger and form still good.

Ok 4 weeks done.

I’m stopping as I think I finally hit CNS or muscle fatigue from all the heavy lifting.

Last week was my best week with some GREAT #'s but as I do it agian this week I just can’t seem to even hit what I was hitting before. I feel like stuff just isn’t firing right.

For the program so far I have seen good gains on all my lifts from the squat to the bench and everything.

Starting was
Squat 315 --> 345 x5
Bench 220 --> 245 x5
Deadlift 205 --> 245 x5
Cleans 115 --> 130 x8
Dips 50 --> 70 x5
Pullups 28 --> 34 total
Shld Press 120 --> 135 x8
Curls 70 --> 80 x8

I’ll be honest I knew 4 weeks was going to be tuff but this last week was REAL ruff. I would say its a good 3 week program and then to stop the heavy lifting on all these compounds.

Will I do it again? Probably in another 6 months, and i’ll probably change it up next time to change some of the lifts.

Old fart,

Good job on the progress! Just keep in mind that the people so quick to hand out advice may or may not have any real experience to speak from. My advice, determine what you want to accomplish and seek out information from someone who has accomplished it. These forums can be a little blurry sometimes.

if your squat is 100lbs over your deadlift and your cleans are low you should probably watch your squat depth.

good work though, great gains

its cuz he squats first and does cleans and deads after squats and benching!