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4 Week fat cut help ?


Hey I am going to do a 4 week cut to try and loose 2-3kgs of fat using the anabolic diet guidlines

Im going to eat 1 carb and pro meal per day
plus carbs and pro shake once before I work out
then my 2 other meals are fats and pro.
for exercise ill be doing 4 hours of brazilian jiujitsu and 2 hours of gym a week.

then have a carb up day once a week to keep my strength up where I eat 5 high carb meals through out the day. what do you think of that plan ? anything else I should be doing thanks for any future help :slightly_smiling:


What the hell is Anabolic Diet Guidelines????

Do it or don't.


bro, your supposed to be schooling me on how to cut fat ! haha not the other way around. google it
there are threads about it on the site as well. its just a high fat low carb carb cycling diet


I know what Anabolic diet is. I did it for 18 months.

What you are suggesting is retarded. You will never reach ketosis with those two carb meals.

And you said "guidelines" Either do the diet or dont. 30g of carbs a day, mostly from leafy greens.

If you do peri work out pulse, then, that's all your carbs for the day.

CT has an old article here. You might want to look that up, if you don't have Mauro's book.

I ate around 4000 calories for fat lose. You have to find your sweet spot.

Also, with all the aerobics you are doing, I don't recommend it. I trained for a 10 race once (the second time I went on the Anabolic diet) and after 5 k's, I was running out of juice.

It not just "high fat and low carbs" bro.


I don't think ketosis is needed..but do what you will. And the above poster is right...no carbs with energy system work..FUH DAT!

Seriously man..at the end of the day the most important thing is calories in vs calories out. I stand by that most energy macro manipulation is best utilized for someone trying to get into single digit who is already pretty lean.


This is not the anabolic diet.


im doing what he says expect for adding that carb meal to keep my gas tank a little bit higher with all the bjj sparring he says in the book that you can tweak it to suit your needs
4000cals on a cutting diet !!! holy fuck, how much do you weigh ? Im trying to get to 10-9% im about 14-15% now got 4 abs and good bicep vains


yea im going for around 9-10% had a little bulk belly for a year or two want to cut it off im about 15% at the moment maybe less

I added the carb meal before training to try and make BJJ a little easier and have more energy, it might make me loose more fat in the long run


I weighted 220.

It's obvious you didnt read the book. Here is a quote

"What I suggest is that you stick to the diet as spelled out in the book
very rigidly for the first 2 months."

The tweaking has nothing to do with adding carbs on a daily bais. If you are not in Ketosis, you are not doing it right, then don't do it. Period.


do you think my plan is ok but ? just to loose a few kgs in a month ?


Holy shit

Simple answer, then please move on.


facko has some alternatives, talk to him.

And to make sure.

Do not do your plan, as stated in the first post, or you will fail and most probably get fat. Why? Anabolic diet with more then 30g of carb (100?, 200?) spells disaster. Read the book.


The last statement is pretty true...it's very easy to rack up kcals with an emphasis on fat..so I assume even though you will try to cut, you may end up in surplus by accident. This is important because you will be ingesting a lot of dietary fats...with probably over 100g of carbs in a day..you will end up storing all that dietary fat, assuming you are in surplus.


Why do you only have 4 weeks?


thats a bit negative, ill just keep a good eye on fat intake, it should be fine its a good diet i think. carb intake is around 60 grams a day. I read the book but I got the one for power lifters have you read that one ? because its aimed at maintaining strength while cutting and it works great


I like to go hard for 4 weeks with a diet, i get mentally fatigued if its longer, plus you get weaker. you can do a fair bit of damage in 4 weeks. Dan John likes to do only 4 weeks as well.


I like how you already know what's going to happen before it happens. At the beginning of last year I went from 20% body fat down to 10% body fat and all my lifts actually went up.


The only reason anyone was even slightly negative was you asked a ye/no question, everyone came back with a resounding NO but you didn't want to hear it.

Like others have commented, Anabolic Diet is NOT voodooooooooooooooooo

Lots of protein and fat, and a decent amount of carbs: easy to eat loads of cals. It also makes you sweat a lot, so lots of cardio is not ideal.

What I would suggest is that you measure how much food you eat now, for 1-2 weeks or whatver, then subtract 10%, weigh yourself regularly, workout etc as you wish (weights and cardio of course) and when you find you haven't lost weight for 1 week or so, decrease cals (from carbs first, fat second) by 5% or so, or add in some more exercise (such as 5 mins more daily cardio).


ok thanks, ill do that , sounds good


yea thats over a year ! as if I would want to take a year to loose body fat, when I can do it in 4-8 weeks of hard as fuck dieting and working out. then go back to eating what I like and giving my body the carbs it likes to gain strength. good work but on your fat loss bro :slight_smile: congrats


Sorry, I wasn't clear. I am no longer that lean...lol. This occured over 6 months.