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4 week fat annihilation

A friend of mine is to be best man at a mutual friends wedding. He asked me last night if I could help him lose as much weight as possible in a safe manner (by the way he gave me a time period of 4 weeks).

This is what I suggested:

Meltdown 1

  • 6 days a week (AM and PM)
  • Alternate between days were you use 50% of your max and on opposite days use 70% of max w/extended rest periods
  • Add Russian Twists to B Circuit for Abs
  • Up the carb content of PWO drink on days where 70% max is used

EDT Arm Training

  • to be used in PM workouts two days a week in place of interval training

As far as supp use goes I suggested: Hot Rox - Yohimbe - M1T or Mag10 - Powerdrive - Surge

I also suggested J.B.'s Don’t Diet

what do you guys think?

The real question is - How much will/can your friend do?

I think you might be off the mark with the supplements. Hot Rox and maybe a Red Kat combo would work best. I don’t think I’d suggest Yohimbe, M1T, Mag 10, or Surge. Save his money man. As awesome as Mag 10 is, I’m not sure that this is the time for him to be using that (unless he has ample money to spend). Surge is great too, but it’s not a requirement.

As for Diet, you might show him T-Dawg 2.0.

Also, I’d consider some AM cadio about three days a week. Do it first thing in the morning when he’s barely awake. Drink some water and start running.

Just my 2 cents…

~ jackzepplin

hey thanks for the comment.

I suggested for him to use the Mag10 or M1t mainly to help preserve muscle mass. By switching the 1RM intensities every other day I thought this practice could’ve been exploited by the use of low dose pro hormones. Gain muscle - lose fat - trick your body. The Hot Rox and Surge I would consider the most important things. Even on restrictive diets you shouldn’t skimp on PWO drink -IMHO anyways. The reason why I didn’t suggest Red Kat is mainly due to the fact that it can take up to a month to work (after my own experience from use and also from contacting the bio hotline concerning timeline).

I’d say you should add some energy-system work in there – probably something like CT’s Running Man – this would likely require dropping back some on the weight-training to maybe 4X a week.

Also second the T-Dawg – and have him drop all processed carbs w/t/exception of his post-workout drink.