4 Week Diet Stall

Hello all…
Have hit a bump in the road as far as my weight loss goes.
The stats:
43yrs old
5ft 8"
170lbs @ 17% BF (now)
fit, workout 3+ days a week mostly weights.
Looking to add definition but maintain or add muscle (difficult, I know)

I was never overweight but had your typical bit of mid-section fat. Not a beer belly but no sight of abs either. I tend to carry extra weight in the chest and stomach area like most guys.

About 3 months ago I decided to focus on diet more since we all know that is 75% of the game. Started at 178lbs @ 21% BF
First began with the Anabolic diet (high fat, high protein super low carb, around 30 or less a day). Did that for a month. Macros 40% protein, 60% fat, 30g carbs max. One carb up day for refeeds 15% protein, 25% fat, 60% carbs.

Month 1 resulted in losing about 5lbs and then it stopped. Noted that my workouts did suffer from the lack of energy and intensity.

Slowly introduced carbs back in and changed the macros up 30% protein 40% fat 30% carbs about 1700 cals a day. Workouts improved. Tracked everything again using mfp. Chose to up the fat rather than the carbs since carbs seem to stick to me easier.

This macro and calorie change has me down to 170 at 17% BF. Have been here +or- a point or so for about 3 to 4 weeks.

What would everyone recommend to break this stall? Should I adjust the calories or macros?
End game is to keep or add muscle while shedding fat to reveal more definition. Guessing that would mean putting me at about 12 to 14% BF, maybe 160lbs? Would settle for the goal being a 4 pack, lol 6 packs are tough for us mortals over 40, haha…

Thanks in advance for suggestions.