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4 Week Cycle


I am new to this forum and just wanted to get some opinions. I ran a 8 week cycle of teen before and looking to run another cycle coming up here. What is your opinions on running a 4 week cycle with Sustanon 250 and anavar.

I am more wanting to know if there would be any effectiveness for a short cycle like this or would it just be a waste of time. This combination was recommended to me as a good cycle to burn some fat as well as make some decent gains. Thanks for any info


Sustanon is long acting. Making a 4 weeker mostly a waste.

Do you have a fight coming up? Is it tested?

Test Suspension and Anavar for 4 weeks would be markedly better assuming the time limit is set in stone.


The fight is nothing tested, and its about 10 weeks out so I should have no problem on that end of things. I have the option of a custom test blend called Test 300. My buddy has taken it before and said it works faster than Sustanon and apparently a lot more effective.


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Would I gain anything from just a short anavar cycle or should I just wait an run an 8 week cycle of both?


I read mixed things about anavar only cycles being effective at all


As I grow a little older, I'm interested in shorter cycles with Test P. But if you do a 6 week Test P cycle, how long should your PCT (nolva) be and most important how long would your time off be?

Is it like:

6 weeks Test P (+ HCG)
4 weeks Nolva
2 weeks rest

Start over?


6 week cycle, 4 week PCT = 10 weeks off


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