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4 Week Cycle / Chest Focus

I use
Test e 100 mg ew
After 10 days I add winstrol pills (40mg per day ) and some dianabol (30/40 mg per day) for 3 weeks
Im going to cut the pills and add some boldenone
I add progress picture
So is it good or I waste pills ;V

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That’s four weeks of progress?? Holy shit.

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Yes 4 weeks
Im doing my best Idk is it good progress or not
Doing chest twice per week
Each session 30 set all set im going to failure or even BEYOND FAILURE
Increasing my bench 40kg about 80 lbs

Mainly focus was chest and back muscle
This is my progress on back

Test e 100mg ONCE a week?

Yes 100 mg per week

My man, that’s tremendous progress in four weeks. Your chest looks like you borrowed it from a different person altogether. I would be very happy if I got that far in four weeks on one body part.

Why adding boldenone? What’s the plan with that one? Lay out your whole cycle for me if you’d be so kind.

Gotta remember it’s a dbol/winny combo, water/glycogen retention will rapidly dissipate once OP stops using.

So I just cut the pills and want to keep my test 100 mg per week (really I dont want use AI)
AI put more pressure on liver so I keep estrogen in normal range and add some eq (250mg per week)
Yes its convert to estrogen but not near as much as test .

Yes its combine winstrol and dianabol not just dbol
So basically it should be reduce water retention
And I add only a few pounds (7-8 lbs)

Look at the shape of his chest though. It changed dramatically. I’m betting a lot of it sticks around.

100mg test a week should not require an AI. EQ at 250 with test only at 100 will absolutely crush your e2. You’ll be in the single digits. You will feel miserable.

Something is fishy… those back pics don’t match the fitness level of the front pics.


What do u mean ?

It could be just your use of filters combined with a pump in the first pic. But the level of fitness in your first pics of the front side of you don’t match the back. The traps, delts, and arms all look far more developed from front than they do from the back (ie look like different people). I’m not calling you out per say its just odd.


First pic taken in gym with pump
But back shot is without any pump
And my biceps and front shoulder is better than my tricep
So i look better in front of camera :X

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Working on back
250 test per week
250 eq per week
Current weight 176 lbs