4 Week Cut Cycle - advice?

My primary goal is to add some lean body mass, but before I do, I would like to get my body fat a little lower. I have found from past experience that I make much better progress when I focus on one goal (such as gaining muscle or losing body fat) as opposed to simultaneously trying to add muscled and lose body fat.

Current Stats:
Age 29
Height 6’0
BWT - 193
Waist 34 inches
Body Fat - @10-12%
Tomorrow I will post pics

My Diet for the next 4 weeks:

Training Day:
Meals 1 ? 4
40-50g protein
10-15g fat

1 Apple

Post Workout
75g carb drink
50g Protein Powder

Meal 6
50-60g carbs
35-40g protein

Non-Training Day
Meal 1 ? 6
40-50g protein
10-15g fat

6 meals
300-400g carbs
1 moderate cheat meal

When possible, my meals will consist of solid food. However, I do have a hectic professional schedule and will occasionally substitute 50g of protein powder and Flax Seed Oil for a shake.

My weight training will be as follows:
Cardio ? 45min x 6 days a week . First think in the morning Low intensity

Weight Training:
Day 1 ? Back
Day 2 ? Chest
Day 3 ? Off
Day 4 ? Arms
Day 5 ? Legs
Day 6 ? Off

Training Protocol
EX1 ? 3 x 5
Core ?3x
EX2 ? 3x 8-12
Core ?3x
EX3 - 3x 8-12
Core ?3x
EX4 -3x8-12 (Optional)
*No Sets to Failure

Given that my primary goal is to lose as much fat as possible before starting my bulking, I am not focusing on increasing my lifts during this 4 weeks but rater on keeping my current strength. I will also take these next 4 weeks to back off my squat weight and really focus on my form. I have had some back problems in the past. I will also be heavily focusing on strengthen my abs and lower back


I am currently taking multivitamins and vitamin C each morning.
I plan to include Red Bands into the last 2 weeks of this program and will note the effect.

Any other suggestions?

I’m not sure what kind of training and diet you’re coming from when going into this plan, but it looks a little harsh. First off, too much cardio. 6 times per day on an empty stomach for 45 minutes!!! That’s overkill. I would come up with a split that’s better for fat loss. Working out 5x per week and only doing one muscle group per workout isn’t the best for fat loss. Also for your post workout shake and meals I would make them both with 40g protein and 40g carbs. The best thing to do is to take fat loss one step at a time. Slowly increase cardio, modify workouts, modify rest peroids and exercises used, cut back carbs one meal at a time. The plan you write looks like you would lose too much muslce. Why lose so much muscle before a bulk? That’s my take on it anyways…