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4 Week Bulk, 4 Week Cruise, 15 Week Cut

Just wanted to share my next cycle, or technically my next two cycles. Running a 4 week bulk with Test and IM Dbol, cruising for 4 weeks (kind of, 750mg/week of Test isn’t really cruising), and then cutting for 16 weeks with Test, EQ, and Anavar.

Weeks 1-4: Test C 750mg/week
D-bol (IM) 30mg/day
Aromasin 1mg/EOD
Weeks 5-8: Test C 750mg/week
Aromasin 1mg/EOD
Weeks 9-14: Test C 500mg/week
EQ 500mg/week
Anavar 30mg/day
Aromasin 1mg/EOD
Weeks 15-18: Test C 500mg/week
EQ 500mg/week
Aromasin 1mg/EOD
Weeks 19-23: Test C 500mg/week
EQ 600/week
Aromasin 1mg/EOD

Why a four week bulk? This doesn’t make any sense without some context. Also, if we’re being honest, this is a 20 week blast. So why not just run it as a 16 week blast with the goal of cutting?

What are your stats?

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I’m running a 4 week bulk because I’m only looking to put on 10 lbs or so. Really not looking for anything too drastic. I’m 6’0", 220 lbs. at around 12% BF. We can call it whatever. The reason I threw the 4 weeks of just Test in there is so I can give my liver a little break before I start running anavar. The ultimate goal is to get down around 10% BF.

You only want 10 pounds but you are running 23 weeks and over half of the time you are over 1 gram total???

There is no secret or special formula yet to be discovered when it comes to cycle layout of commonly used compounds. IF there was a new AAS to hit the distributors then that maybe would warrant a new and exciting way to dose or mix in on a cycle.
What you have laid out was a headache to read. You control gaining or cutting with diet. EQ is an EXCELLENT dual purpose compound but it doesn’t do both at the same time.

Try this layout I promise it will get you anything and everything you could want…

For weeks 1-14 run EQ and test at 500 each. Run the test still at 500 out to week 16. Take your dbol at the beginning of the cycle for up to four weeks. Then at the end of your cycle, the last four weeks before you PCT run your Anavar. Depending on how you pin your test then PCT will need to be at least two weeks after last test injection. So last test injection on week 16, then week 17 and 18 no test, start PCT week 19. You can run your Anavar weeks 14-17 or 15-18.

Just FYI anavar does not make you burn fat. In the cycle I layed out it will help get some water weight off of you and it will help you finish strong. It will help keep your energy level up during the weeks you don’t pin test while you wait for PCT to begin. Really for common usage anavar is best used to break through a strength plateau. Everything else it does can be gotten for less money through other compounds, except it’s skin tightening effect useful if you are going on stage.

I myself use to do cycles like I laid out for you. Build at the beginning then burn fat at the end. My layout makes more sense than yours but I will tell you usually when you try to do two things in one cycle then neither ones comes out great, but you only want 10 pounds so I think you can definitely do it. You can definitely get 10 quality keepable pounds out of the layout but remember to gain extra on cycle because you have water weight and those few pounds you lose while you wait for the PCT to make testosterone in your body again.

DO NOT FLUCTUATE DOSAGE OF INJECTABLES DURING A CYCLE!!! It might do something if you were using short esters but you would only increase or decrease not both. You are using long esters, it will do nothing but complicate your attempt at managing side effects.