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4 Week Blast

I’ve been weight training for about 2.5 years and having a naturally slim build have found the going slow (about 7 kilos muscle gain). I train a 3 day split routine Chest/triceps, Back/biceps, Shoulders/ legs. Generally about 3 exercises per group starting with compound then isolating. I try to vary the exercises used as well as reps, intensity and diff things such as drop set etc.

My question is based upon reading a recent Iron Man article by Jonathon Lawson & Steve Holman talking about ROM & Xreps where the guys showed great gains in 4 weeks. I would like to try an intensive program of some kind where I would dedicate myself physically as well as nutritionally in an attempt to see what gains are possible for myself if I was trying to do everything right. I know if I get good gains then I will be motivated to train harder and pay attention to my diet etc more.

Am I fooling myself or is it possible to see good gains in this time and if so…Can anyone please reccommend a solid program. I was going to try their x-rep based program but have read some negative feedback. I dont want to waste my time.

Please help.


I would say do a search for the Growth Surge Project and follow stages 1 and 2 of it. On the left Article Library training artticles. Or the search funtion. That is four weeks and should show some good progress.

What is the hurry anyway. No you will not get huge in 4 weeks. It take YEARS but yes you can make nice little jumps by timing periods of overstimulation followed by recovery etc…

Read up on the articles and DROP. the Iron Rags.

Hope that helps,

What’s your diet like? Calories, macros, food choices, etc…

The only people I see who make ‘holy cow’ transformations in 4 weeks are normally individuals who are returning to a stae as opposed to achieving it for the first time. (ie when I lay of training for a few weeks, as soon as I return the workouts are incredible and it can ‘look’ like I have gained new size.)
Gaining quallity mass is a process. Dont rush it. I would recommend that you if you are wanting to get big, the MOST IMPORTANT THING is your Food intake. Lots of weight lifting techniques will lead to hypertrophy, and there are some great programs listed on this site. Where I see most trainees fail to gain it is normally an issue with the fork and spoon as opposed to the gym.
So a search on Massive Eating and Massinve Eating Reloaded on this site. Great guidance for thos who are naturally on the thin side.