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4 Ways to Get Big and Strong

Hello I have been working out on a program power building 4 ways to get big and strong. I A
an on my 4th week starting with Monday doing Sumo Style deadlifts that have just that activity and give 3 Waves of sets and reps.Are you familiar with this Program I believe it wants me to choose Wave 1?

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Do I continue with this program 4 ways to get bigger and stronger starting with week 1 again?

I read your question the first time and was confused. Just reread and am still not clear on what you’re asking. Probably why you’ve not received a reply (and because the vague mention of the program you’re using doesn’t sound like a CT program).

Sorry about that I was instructed on a weightlifting program that I completed with the 4th week I will send the actual program that was sent to me to be more specific.

Just want to get big and strong at 55 years old. I was given a program that I followed for 4 weeks. I was looking to see if you could send me a weightlifting program to help.

Your questions are extremely vague. There are probably 1,000 training articles on this forum.
Pick one.

Getting stronger is about doing the basics. Keep adding weight every 1 to 3 weeks and eat well. If you need a few days off take it. For variety get some heavy sandbags and move them around. Set some targets and keep moving forward.

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Thanks I have bee training for 3 years straight now .