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4 way neck machine or bridges bad for the neck?

What is everyones thoughts about 4 way neck machines or bridging? Every book I’ve read seems to be opposed to either one or both.

I think bridges are great. I did them a lot for wrestling throughout college, and I still do them now to keep my neck nice and thick. I have used for way neck machines, but I hurt my neck pretty severly once while using it. Just from persnoal experience, I would stay awat from them.

Bridges are a great exercise. Mike Mahler uses them in his training. Also, Matt Furey (of Combat Conditioning) recommends them as well.

I hate to admit it, but Furey was right about bridging. Consistent bridging has helped with my frequent neck “dings”, most of them arise from rugby or overhead pressing.

Bridging every so often helps.

Bridges are great. Avoid the machines, though.

Forgive my ignorance. Could you tell me whats a Bridge? I probably should know this by now. You’re not referring to the little stunt where you from a bridge by arching your back and legs are you?

Bridges and the like, can be horrible for the neck, but so can any exercise. Remember, guns don’t kill, people do. Learn the lifts properly, and they can mostly all be safe.

Yes bridges are where you arch your back and put all your weight on your feet and head but there are other versions like front bridges. When I do bridges my legs shake before my neck gets tired for some reason. I do bridges and the 4 way neck machine with no problems, although the 4 way makes my neck a little stiff, but was wondering if there was some long term problem with doing them that makes some people against doing either.