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4 Tests Every Lifter Should Be Able to Pass

61 year old male unable to goblet squat 1/2 my body weight 25 time, do 8 pull-ups or carry two times my body weight. The good news is I can do 10 strict push-ups.
Can someone please suggest a progression I can use to accomplish the goblet squat component? Start light for 25 reps and just increase from there? Some accessory lifts to help?

Yep, that could certainly work. I would probably do 25 “in as few sets as possible” and aim to improve those numbers but honestly, any logical plan will work.

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Where are you at right now? Like no. Of BW goblet squats or your best or closest attempt.

Pull ups are tough especially if you are taller or heavier. Can you do assisted or negative pull ups?

What does the carry actually look like because there are many different kinds? What is holding back the carry 2x bodyweight?

whats your bodyweight?

Where did those standards you mentioned originate from?

I think these are John Rusin’s

For the goblet squat… just get a stronger squat. Which will most likely also improve your carries

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I think goblet squats are aimed at people who can’t or won’t back or front squat for whatever reason. The hardest part is holding the dumbbell in place if you are fairly heavy a 65kg or 75kg(160lb ish) is a lot harder to hold than a 45kg . (100lb ish). It is a difficult challenge for me at 40. I managed 15 reps his initial suggestion but was gasping for air.

Indeed, just like pull-ups are easier when you are 70kgs compared to 90.

What I like with goblet squat is they engage less core compared to front squats, it is easier to stay upright and focus on the quads, like with kneel elevated, close stance, slow tempo bla bla

Thank you all for your replies. I appreciate you and this forum for great content and some direction.

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I’d disagree, you just use less weight with goblets. If you compare them directly, holding a 95 lb barbell in the front clean position is way easier and more stable than holding a 95 lb dumbbell in front of you. Front squats just get loaded with more weight.

Well then I guess it’s because we use less weight on goblets that my core is hit more on front squats.

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the 3 lifts out of the 4 that are a problem for you are the ones based on bodyweight. The easiest way to achieve these feats of strength, then, is to lose weight if you’re carrying a fair bit of fat.

If it were me, though, I’d probably also want to get stronger. If that is also a goal, then a well-planned progression model is ideal. If you want help with putting that together, gotta have your starting point. Hopefully that’s something you can easily provide.

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