4 test, 1 test, and 4 HT test cypionate

Ok I know most hate vpx, but does any one know anything about these products. Are they taken IM? How much would you take? Would this really be steril. I’ve taken clenbutrx and liked it and I’ve heard good things about the new Red Line. I just like to keep my mind open. I would really like to hear comments from Brock or someone else knowledgable.

I have a friend who’s taken there synergex I and seems to like it, I’ve taken there decavar and wasn’t impressed at all. Their 1-test is alright but I honesly thought mag-10 is the best for gaining size overall. On a different note I don’t think using words like cypionate in the title is that smart of a thing to do at this particular time, considering the whole pro-hormone ban.

if you want the “steroid like effects”
get some steroids…

Thanks Wideguy. I was just curious. Although I like Biotest sups I also like to get info on other companies products. Thanks P-Dog, but I want to refrain from the illegal route.

thats understandable. if i were in your shoes i would definitley go with mag-10. instead of some company that tries to market their shit as roids with the gay syringes and names.