4 Questions about Nutrition

hi all … i’m planning on bulking now … but there are still few questions in my mind about cutting - i will just keep it for future references.

(1) While Cutting is it better to go on low / moderate carbs ?
On training days (3x/week) i will go for a weight lifting session + 20-30min. steady pace cardio after …
should i go for high carbs on these 3 days of training ? or moderate ?

(2) i read some articles on designing a meal plan and that stuff …
is it okay to combine Complex Starchy Carbs + Fibrous ones at one meal beside protein ? (like Oatmeal + Veggies) … (Sweet Potato + Salad)

(3) i read that one should include at least 2 servings of healthy fats per day … does it mean that i should have those two servings from FATS or other foods containing fats? (e.g. Oatmeal has protein , fats , carbs)

(4) as for dairy , including 2 cups of skim milk per day or one cup skim milk and one yogurt is fine while cutting or not ?

Thanks in advance … Happy New Year BTW!

  1. It really depends on what protocol you follow. The better ones usually involve cycling period of no/low carb and carbs.

  2. How else would you get your carbs? At every meal besides your workout ones, you are going to want a fiber source.

  3. The fat contained in oatmeal is insignificant. For such a recommendation they mean natural peanut butter, olive oil, a bunch of fish oil caps, etc.

  4. Depends on your protocol. 2 cups of milk on a daily basis isn’t going to fit in with most routines… generally on low carb diets most of the carbs should be saved for vegetables if you ever plan on taking a crap. Only plain yogurt as well, the flavored stuff is too sugary.

thanks a ton for the reply !! really helpful

If you follow a plan that allows for PWO carbs (like TNT) then you could have your 2 cups of milk then.