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4 pillars of nutrition

I just wanted to see what 4 pillars you guys swear by, I swear by the following:

Low-carb Grow!: Every morning, everyyyyyyyy morning

essential fats: I use Udo’s Choice or Lemmon Oil (I have it in the morning), keeps hair in place as well

multi-vit: I use Lemmon Vitamins, they also contain colloidal minerals

immune balancer: I love this baby, tons of energy and I don’t get sick

a possible 5th pillar,

an organic green tea extract - tastes good!

Surge, fish oil caps, Grow

yeah, I would say Surge, I just love the taste too much… I keep craving other sugary goodies too, but it does help my recovery… I was speaking in terms of just general health and well-being, not necessarily in therms of workout recovery

Protein powder, multi vitamen, glucosamine, extra vitamen C.

What is an immune balancer?

How do essential fats “keep hair in place” ?

Jjuicedup20 - out of respect to the rules of this forum, I don’t want to use this forum as a selling ground, because I do use an immune balancer, but I also sell it as well. I have been reading (and loving) testosterone.net for too long to make these guys mad :slight_smile:

but if you wants any additional information, just email me at [not allowed on forum - MOD].

Jason - well essential fats are necessary for every function of life, one thing you will notice is ppl on reaaaally low fat diets will have really dry skin, their nails don’t grow as nice, and hair, it is just not as lustrous… I wouldn’t go so far as to say it will prevent baldness, but anything essential can’t hurt… I have heard and read about copper deficiencies having been correlated (not causation) to male-pattern baldness. I know years ago, Mike Quinn, for any of you 80s bodybuilding fans, said that when he was on the Anabolic Diet, it helped keep his hair better

  1. Whey and Udo’s.
  2. Beef, more beef.
  3. Trailmix (make your own blend to suit your needs)
  4. ZMA

whey, steak, eggs, and a post workout cocktail.