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In the brad pitt post, some guy mentioned he had a 4-pac. I too have a 4-pac. Is this a common thing to have in the first couple months of doing abs? Right now I cannot see the other two but I assume they are right up over the lower part of the rib cage.

How many ab “blocks” a person has is totally genetic, along with the line down the center, and if the horizontal lines meet as intersections in the center of the grid. Scan over any bodybuilder pics over any fitness site, this can be seen. Some abs are naturally flat, even with 5% b.f. Doing weighted ab movements makes what “blocks” you have come out more (like ab crunch machines done right–not the infomercial ones) Best to you on achieving the grid, now back to my oreos.

Sounds like you just have bodyfat covering the lower 2. But some people are only born with 4. I don’t mean 4 showing, but they only have 4 actually “abs” not six. However, when most poeple say they have a 4 pack it’s because men store bodyfat on their “lower” ab area. As they lean up, they can see 2, then 4, then all 6.