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4 or 5 Day Split Advice

Planning on starting a 4 or 5 day routine with weekends off (due to work)
Id like to hit each muscle group twice a week, but i dont want to be in the gym for hours on end.

Wanted to get some advice on how many exercises i should be looking at for each muscle group.
or if anyone is able to point me in the direction of a plan on the site somewhere that would work as well. Main focus is on fat loss and muscle building.

Pick one.

Pick one.

How much time do you want to spend?

4 day: upper/lower split
5 day: push/pull/legs/push/pull (upper body 2x/wk, legs once/wk)
5 day: push/pull/legs, repeat (everything gets worked 5x every 3 wks)
5 day: upper/lower/upper/lower/accessory (this is probably what I’d suggest)

Depends on how many sets you use for each exercise and how much time you want to spend.

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I’d probably do:

Monday: Lower body + 10-15 mins cardio
Tuesday: Upper body + 10-15 mins cardio
Wednesday: OFF or easy up to 1 hour of cardio etc.
Thursday: Lower body body + cardio
Friday: Upper + cardio

Also, with regards sets I’d start with three to begin with (maybe 4-5 for squats & deads) & increase up to 4-5 per exercise over time if necessary.

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