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4+ Months Wait Time to See An Endo?

Hi guys,
Is it common to have a 4+ months wait to get into see an endocrinologist? Or is it just here where I live (KC, MO)? I scheduled an appointment (with a referral) at two separate medical clinics. Both had over 3 months wait period for first available appointment.
My PCP decided I should try seeing a urologist in the mean time. This was a major regret. Other than just checking testosterone level, he did no further testing. He didn’t even check my balls (not that I wanted him to, but was expecting it and couldn’t believe he didn’t do it). He just automatically prescribed Androderm. I’ll leave it at that for now.
My first endocrinologist appointment finally rolled around. It went OK, he ordered what seemed to be a few of the right tests and agreed to try determining the cause of the low-t rather than just doing TRT. But given the wait time I decided to go keep the appointment with the other endo. Unfortunately a family medical issue came up and I had to reschedule it. Now it’s another 4 months (after waiting over 3) before the next available.
So I was curious if this is typical everywhere?
Also, anyone in the KC metro area know of a good endo that specializes with low-t? It’s quickly becoming apparent the endo I am seeing is not all that knowledgeable other than prescribing TRT. Unfortunately, having some other health issues I don’t feel comfortable going to one of those specialized clinics. The endo’s I have appointments with are associated to other doctors that I see so they have my medical history.
I have other questions but will create another post soon. Thanks.

Endos and urolgists seem to be mostly unable to do TRT properly.

Try rockcreekwellness
There are two good docs there.
They look at many health issues and do not have T-tunnel vision.

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Same here in FL. I got tired of waiting on Endos so I went to a TRT clinic. I eventually found a cool Endo but he said he wouldn’t change my protocol anyway LOL. He liked what I was doing and my numbers.

I live in San Francisco, CA and the same story here. Every endo office I tried to schedule was at least 2 months out. I think it is a sign that a lot of people have endocrine related problems. I opted to go with a TRT clinic out of Florida so I didn’t have to wait. Still waiting for my appointment end of Oct.

Ditto here in NJ. 3 months. Thank God I have a good friend who is a doc who is cool with getting me the stuff I need. There are not too many TRT clinics in NJ and the ones in NY are insanely expensive. No wonder why so many people go to the black market. I have an Endo appt end of October just to go over my protocol for restarting my HPTA after a cycle. Guaranteed he probably has zero experience with that.