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4 Months TRT, Symptoms Started 2 Weeks Ago

I use compounded T3/T4 for everyone because I can customize the dose to the patient.

Have you found many patients with thyroid disease that don’t require T3 at all? Or does it usually help to some extent even if their FT3 labs are near the top of the range?

I see these different scenarios when it comes to thyroid:

Yes, the below situation.

  1. Men and women already on thyroid medication, usually synthroid, looking for HRT or TRT. Their thyroid lab status is fine, energy, do not feel cold, no unexplained weight gain,hair all fine, etc and they are happy with it. I leave if alone and give them the other hormones indicated.

The next two get T3.

  1. Men and women already on thyroid, usually synthroid, looking for HRT or TRT. They are not feeling well and do not seem to be responding their thyroid meds. Labs reveal lower to mid T4 and mid to lower T3. They get T3/T4 and whatever else they need.

  2. Men and women taking nothing looking for HRT or TRT presenting with symptoms relating to poor thyroid performance and labs support that. They get T3/T4 and the other indicated hormones.

  3. Men and women on nothing looking for HRT or TRT and they have no symptoms indicating poor thyroid performance and labs are fine. They get other needed hormones, testosterone, DHEA, E2, progesterone, etc.

This would be rare in my experience but yes, sometimes. It’s rare because I don’t typically add thyroid if the fT3 is 3.3 or above.

Hope this helps.

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I couldn’t find the exact test. It was back in 2018. Been on the T3 since and hasn’t normally been out of range. I suppose TRT has some different affects on it now. fT3 went up significantly in a month and half but to be fair, I did take the T3 on the morning of both labs.

Good info. I might have to get some advice down the road. I’ll tag you in my TRT thread later on so I’m not hijacking this thread.

Usually my labs sit around here when on 125mcg synthroid. Everything is great except energy. Been like that my whole life.

TSH: 0.815 (0.45-4.50)
FT3: 3.2 (2.0-4.4)
FT4: 1.44 (0.82-1.77)

You would be scenario #2 in my office. I’d run that fT3 to 4.4.

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