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4 Months In. I Don't Feel Well at All

Been on trt for 4 months the first 4 weeks I felt good. Week 2 to 3 I felt incredible!! But after week 4 and every single week I feel worse and worse…

Originally started with once a week 150mg for 2 month then switched to 2x week at 180 for 1 month and now I do 3x a week for a total of 150mg

Ok so I feel idk?? Stupid ? on trt my cognitive function has gone to shit I feel foggy like my memory is really bad? I’ve had 3 major accidents at work since starting trt. Sometimes feel like I lose touch with reality

I would give anything just to feel like I did b4 trt!

Pre treatment tt 162 e2 12 I am 28 years old

8 weeks 150mg weekly was 1200ish peak with 25 e2 …my injection day (7 day) after last shot my tt was 380 and 8 e2

I don’t know what my bloods look like doing 3x a week at 150mg but I don’t feel any better since I’ve switched.

It’s like I’m having high e2 symptoms but my estrogen is low and it was low pre treatment

I don’t know what to do I really did feel awful pre treatment but this isn’t any better at all I don’t understand? Thought this was supposed to make me feel better the only thing I’ve gotten out of it is 20 pounds weight gain and my IQ dropping 50 points lol

Any suggestions?

You made too many changes. After week 4 your natural levels dropped off, then u made changes which never stabilized. You should feel great, meh, and then a steady climb to a plateau of feeling normal.

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A 380 TT trough sucks, up your dose. Go to 200 and stay there for at least 8 weeks then reassess.

Could it be possible that some people just shouldn’t have high testosterone?

That’s when I was once a week I do 3x a week now idk what the levels do atm

That’s what the doctor wanted when I told.him I dont feel well

Sure, but you dont hae high testosterone as far as we know from testing. Your peak numbers are fairly irrelevant, it’s the trough number that matters.

I’ve never had 400 tt in my life I’ve been low t my whole life I just now tried treatment youd think I’d feel good with double my usual amount?

Work your way up. Start with enough to get you to 600 and you can get to 1200 as a goal.You will know where you feel best within a couple of years as you progress. Or you can aim high and in 6 months scale it back. Anything above 600 is an improvement.

I forgot to add when I was taking 150mg as a once a week shot my e2 would peak at 25 with tt around 1200 when I was doing that my pre existing gyno flared up and would swell up…settle down flare up get itchy and hard but it was just a constant back and forth this has since stopped when I introduced 3x a week injection.

The thing though is the reference range is 8 to 44 and at only 25 it was flaring me up really bad. Like I said my pre treatment e2 was 12. Would it be possible I’m having issues with hormonal fluctuations of e2 more so than I am with the testosterone fluctuations?

I had gyno when I was 410 pounds with an e2 of 36 I lost 230 pounds and the gyno went away (still there but shrunk 85%) and now my natural e2 levels sit in the teens and didn’t have gyno issues.

Are some people unable to function within the reference range for e2? Like more sensitive to it than others? Cause my doctors over the years keep telling me it’s fine it’s fine but like…its not?

But! The thing is when my e2 was 36 and I had gyno from it I didn’t have this cognitive function issues what so ever I was crystal clear in my head but now on trt I am a foggy mess I feel so stupid my memory sucks and my confidence at work operating heavy equipment is zero because of it. Like I said I’ve had 3 accidents since I started trt and b4 that I’ve never had 1.

Most of us are at or above the top of range for E2, I usually am in the 60’s. @dextermorgan had gyno I believe. Most guys seem to not have issues after riding out an adjustment period.

I had gyno twice before TRT. Since my estrogen has been literally double the reference range (close to 80) I’ve not had any issues with gyno. You rarely see anyone on TRT that has actual gyno. Most of the folks that claim they have it are usually just paranoid and “see” it when they gain the initial water weight or start gaining fat. I was one of them.

I’ve seen cases like yours before, chronically low estrogen on infrequent dosing. You need more frequency in your dosing, the low estrogen is causing your symptoms. A member had the same problem and had to inject moderately large doses every other day to keep estrogen 30>.

Your trough estrogen shouldn’t be <25 as I have seen guys diagnosed with osteoporosis in the mid teens.

To be clear you didn’t feel great the first two weeks because of the trt. That was 100% in your head. You have a dosing schedule that’s completely fakakta. You need to get on a routine and stick with it for long enough to see how it works.

Congrats on losing all that weight. That’s a big deal and you should be proud of yourself.

Poor cognitive function tells me low e2 is an issue. Also, you having low e2 is sort of a sign. You feel like shit because your e2 is low, your hormone fluctuations are out of control (because you keep changing your dosing), and because your body is trying to get used to this new reality. You need a good schedule and time. That’s what fixes this.

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