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4 Months In, Can't Get Enough


Hey guys, just joined the site I'm completely new to this site and would like to thank everyone for the information being posted, My diet is currently 250+ gms of protein a day mainly from lean mince/tuna/chicken breast and beef jerky.

My workout routine is abit of a mix up...and will update as i get my exact routines down pat.

Supplements are currently 2shredded for a burner, BCAA, Animal Pak and creatine.
I prefer solids to shakes..but thats just me.

Here's a pic of me now ..i'm 18 and currently studying


anyone care to comment on diet supplements ect. feel free i'm open to advice


umm depends what advice you're looking for. you didn't post any goals.


Goals are -5%ish body fat.. build as much lean muscle mass as possible


well you could be 5% body fat keeping what muscle you have now, probably weigh around 160 lb., and have hawt abz. or you could have 5% body fat and weigh 190 lb and look much more impressive.


a) 5% is unrealistic and unless you are planning to compete at 5%, pointless. It is too lean to maintain comfortably for most of the population. Wait until you are carrying more muscle to get THAT lean IMO.

b) Why are you not nailing the chick bent over in the left of your photo, so on your right.


I think she's sitting on the ground with her knees together holding a laptop. and I'm not sure that's a she...


haha hell no..got a much better girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue: and i meant get off about another 5% not down to 5% haha i'd be kidding myself.. looking to just build lean, as for now not interested in competing


(not to mention way to small to compete)


you posted your sources of protein, what about your carbs and fats


You won't get anywhere far worrying more about your supps etc if you aren't as concerned over progression in the gym.

Be consistent with your routine, add to the bar, eat for it...then worry about the rest


Gonna need some comparison photos for this :slight_smile:


train everything 2-3 times per week and stay on a calorie deficit with a good macronutrient profile and good sources of food.

If you are lifting more weight /more reps then you are gaining muscle

if you are losing bodyweight while adding weight on the bar you are losing fat.



fair enough, the girlfriend pics aren't happening haha.

As for carbs/fats multi grain bread/ wholemeal rice/ sunflower seeds/ nuts/pastas. Also have a cheat meal once a week on my full body days.. as for days usually it goes something like this

Monday : Bi's, back, shoulders
Tuesday: Tris, chest
wednesday: legs calves (basically all lower body)
Thursday: off
Friday: Full body
Sat: This is going to sound stupid.. but what I feel I didn't work the most in that week.
Sun: Abit of cardio etc. really a chilled day.

Each day I attempt at incorporating abs into the routine.. usually do that about 3-4 times a week.


Monday: Back, Biceps
Teusday: Shoulders
Wednesday legs
Thursday: Off
Friday: Chest, Triceps

This will be better for you, what are you exercises looking like?


maybe this is a stupid question but even though there is a 1 day rest period between legs and chest/tris, won't leg/hip drive be affected somewhat during his bench press work? provided he does "enough" leg work to begin with and wants to give priority to chest development in the first place.

good lord I can feel the flames already... but I'd like to know if my thought process is way off or not.


How long have you been training, what is your height & weight, and what are your numbers on Squat/Bench/Deadlift? Why are you following a body building routine if you have no desire to compete as a bodybuilder? And you should post pics of yourself shirtless and relaxed, not flexing.

I personally would not bother with fat burning supplements, you are 18 and at the peak of your body's metabolism, you should be able to burn off fat fine without them if you follow a sensible diet plan. You are already working out what, 5-6 days a week? I imagine that your energy expenditure is pretty high already just from that.

And I dont see why leg workouts would affect leg drive on the bench.


^I've tried benching in the evening of a deadlift day. my arch gave out much sooner than usual and my right glute and hamstring cramped up. I also tried benching the evening of a squat day and my right leg was wobbling so bad on the leg drive that my right foot almost came loose.


I was addressing the topic creator


thats a lot different then having a day of rest in between. He'll be fine.