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4 Month Transformation

Hey there,

I just had a bet with a friend of mine to see who has the most transformation in four months. So, we start tomorrow, and end the last weekend of March. His advantage is that he started two weeks ago. Mine, of course, is that I have T-mag. Can you suggest the best routine for maximum gains in 4 months time?

I am 5’5", weigh 150 pounds, and have about 11% BF. I know the best thing will be to bulk first and then cut down, but do not know what time frames would be best. Also, what exercises would you suggest for the best gains in this time frame? Looking for some help!

i am not an expert or any advanced person, but if you wanted to periodize things into 4 neat little blocks (4 months, 4 week blocks=16weeks) you might try some of Thib’s training programs since he uses that block method…

I recommend HSS-100 for such a short period of time:


if you really want to blow the competition away, keep a calorie log, and aim for a 5lbs increase in weight every 4 weeks. if you don’t make the weight, you know you need to eat more. If you instead gain TEN pounds in 4 weeks, you might want to alter your diet so you don’t become a fatass. Or better yet, train harder/more efficiently.

good luck buddy! i’ll be keeping my eye on this thread.


Go with CT’s Mutation Series, HSS-100 is not for a newbie.


I am thinking of the growth surge project first, and then get into the Mutation series. That will be about 16 weeks. What do you think? I will post before pics soon.

i think you should keep it simple stupid, just eat enough calories to grow and lift heavy weights, beyond that its all icing on the cake, the more time you waste trying to find the non existant perfect program the worse youll be off

Forget about cutting, just bulk for four months.

Keep your diet in check, put on 10-13 pounds of mostly lean mass, have your little contest thing, and then keep on bulking for a while afterward.

You’ll put on a little fat in these four months, but if you pay attention to your diet, it won’t be enough to hurt your looks. You’ll look better after bulking for four months even with that little extra bit of fat.

You post the day before a bet like this looking for a plan? AND your friend has a head start?

Here’s a plan- start saving your money now.

Look up John Berardi’s Massive Eating article. Eat like mad, and lift accordingly. I agree that HSS-100 is too advanced for you at this stage.

If all or most of your gains are clean for the next 3+ months, keep bulking. If you are starting to look soft (very doubtful) you can always drop a few pounds of fat during the last couple of weeks. I only recommend this bulk and mini-cut because you have a specific date to reach this short term goal.

You can make a considerable change in 4 months, and it would be a shame to stop at that point. At your weight, you should consider bulking for at least year (with no cut), while following a sensible lifting program.

A two week head start is nothing to worry about if your friend doesn’t have the proper knowledge.

[quote]lilthrock wrote:
Can you suggest the best routine for maximum gains in 4 months time?

No one can based on this - and anyone who tries is full of shit.

At a bare minimu, I’d need to know:
how many calories do you eat a day
how many meals per day
how many grams of protein
how long have you been training
what has been your training regime/split
are you supplementing with creatine


If you’re not eating enough or eating the right foods, no program will help you grow. If you are untrained, the HSS-100 program would be a crushing amount of volume for you.

If, as I suspect, you lift like a pussy and don’t eat enough, you should be able to gain a solid 10-15 pounds in 16 weeks. You’re basically like those people in Body For Life. AS much flak as that book gets, it’s undeniable that people who followed the program to the T saw results.