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4 Month Cut, Lost 15 lbs.


This was my first cut. Carb cycled for 4 months and changed up macros/routine every month.


End result


End Result


Looks good, now add some additional muscle.


Thanks brah. Just started my bulk yesterday. Doing the Layne Norton's 2x/each body part routine, working out 5x/week. Legs already extremely sore from yesterday's lower body hypertrophy. Will up the carbs/calories gradually. Likely going bulk up till the end of the year.


if you are gonna give me low ratings at least leave feedback


I think you should keep going and get shredded. You have came this far why stop now? Low ratings are probably due to the fact that this was done in 4 months when most could do it in 1.5-2 months without any problems. It seems as if you've lost 0 lbm which could merit your longer and slower cut!


The low ratings are probably because:

  1. No wheels pic
  2. You are small
  3. You are pretty lean, but still small
  4. You really have no muscle
  5. You gave no stats, lifting routine, diet, etc.

Otherwise you did a good job on leaning out some, but what were you expecting?


1) My goal was to hit around 9-10% bodyfat before starting to bulk again which I did.
2) You realize I kept most of my muscle mass while dieting right? Don't think I could do this in a month or two that is ridiculous lol. Not sure if you understand proper nutrition.


your pecs are good size for your weight. shoulders seem too small in comparison. you are in good shape get bigger then look like a bodybuilder.


Pretty much all of this.

Go take a look at the guys who have been rated 7's, 8's or higher, you will see why you are rated so low.


With the small amount of muscle you're carrying, you could easily lose 15 lbs and maintain all of that in two months.


I am surprised by all the replies. You have made really nice progress. It is clear you are not at your end goal but neither did you ever claim that in your comments.

Many guys would be thrilled to look like you do now. Your goal of reaching a good point to begin a clean gain is, in my opinion, quite wise.

Cheers and keep up the great work.


this is where PX would say this a BODYBUILDING SITE. bodybuilding judges judge amounts of muscle mass.


No X would tell him he shouldnt cut until he's 300 lbs and then instruct him to eat a cheeseburger.


An effort this guy would undoubtedly fail at, but be better off for the attempt


An effort this guy would undoubtedly fail at, but be better off for the attempt


Still waiting on those wheel pics too and back pics. Oh wait guys he doesn't respect anyone over 15% bf. And we are all over that obviously, so we can't expect such a well developed muscular brah to converse with us fatty mortals. Where do these fucking people keep coming from?


Think about it: He worships zyzz. He uses the phrases "not even once", "not sure if serious", "i'm aesthetic". He thinks a 225 bench at 165 is a staggering feat of strength. Clearly he comes from the internet


Im so jelly of this brah you speak of, not even once.