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'4 Million Americans Are Dead and Don't Know It'

"Sounding further alarm bells on the damage automatic federal budget cuts could leave in their wake, Pelosi (Dâ??CA), spoke on the Capitol steps Tuesday afternoon, saying that regardless how long sequestration may last, the damage is already worse than could be possibly imagined and that â??billionsâ?? of Americans have or are going to be affected in the worst way. Said Pelosi, â??This (sequestration) my Republican colleagues have allowed to happen has left unprecedented damage to so many people. Millions of Americans have already died and donâ??t even know it.â??

Steering away from Pelosiâ??s claims that billions, if not just four million Americans have already died, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer told reporters that his main fear now that sequestration is taking effect is the Earthâ??s ability to defend itself against menacing inbound asteroids. Hoyer (D-MD) said that while the federal government along with NASA and other space agencies are â??scrambling desperatelyâ?? to find new ways of deflecting asteroids now that Republicans have allowed funds for the nationâ??s famed Planetary Asteroid Diversion Interceptor to dry up, Hoyer said he has other concerns of equal severity."


Satire site, btw. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!