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Does 4-hydroxyisoleucine that EAS is selling work??

You mean Fenugreek (an herb), standardized and repackaged for $40?

Curtis: when u look at a supplament that way arent they all just standardized, repacked and sold for profit? I mean since all natural supplements come from nature somewhere, isn’t this a slightly narrow veiw of a supplement? Creatine occurs naturally in meat. Could we same the same thing about it ?
Regarding the orginal question, I couldn’t say. If you really want to know about it the best thing to do it to take a look at the references sited for the product. Take a look at the research. This board is a great place to ask as well becase “usually” you get informed responses rather than “red herrings” from people who simply don’t know and are afraid to say it.

I’ve been using EAS’ Phosphagen XT for a little while now. I’ve noticed slightly better pumps in the gym but nothing great. IMO it’s a supplement worth giving a shot if you got some extra cash, but you’re much better off buying something like Surge and plain powdered creatine and mixing the two.

by the name it seems like a product aimed at shuttling in amino acid isoleucine into the blood stream. It seems really expensive. Compare it to buying a pound of BCAAs for $35 or so. laters pk

Actually, this compound is a derivative of the AA leucine(of course), and EAS claims if one takes about 3-4 caps of it with a meal containing at least 35 grams of carbs, the resulting insulin spike will be far stronger. In other words, if you take 50 grams of carbs postworkout, with the Insuload the insulin spike will be equal to a 100 g carb spike. And yes, they’ve now added this stuff to the new Phosphagen for obvious reasons (better creatine uptake). And no, I’m not an EAS rep. I just took about 3 bottles of the stuff. Reason: I generally restrict my carbs outside of the postworkout window. And, with a new compound that would allow one to eat even less carbs postworkout yet achieve the same insulin spike and resulting recovery, Insuload would make for a good recovery tool for anyone on a diet or low-carbing. I liked the product. I generally experienced better recovery and less soreness.