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4-Hour Work Week


I was listening to the audiobook version of this on a long drive this weekend. Has anyone gone through this book and actually tried implementing any of the suggestions?

I'm looking at some of his suggestions for managing email, voice mail and the stream of twats that come into my office during the day interrupting me. Also, looking at the working from a remote location idea, at least part of the time.

Short-term, I'm looking at it more from a perspective of being an employee at this point and how to improve that, rather than starting something that will generate income for me.


Tim Ferris is a genius. I've tried a few of his tips and it has helped (automation). His blog is gold.


Looks interesting, will grab a copy of the audiobook for my drive to Mexicio City tomorrow. Thanks!


office workers r weird


Alternatively, Tim Ferris is a huge joke.
Apparently, he gained 34 lbs of muscle with a total of 4 hours of gym time.

Also, though I can't find where he wrote it, I remember him acknowledging learning chinese in something like 10 days.

Based on my experience in lifting and language learning, unless he's a genius with great genetics and an eidetic memory (in which case he should be dressing in black and fighting crime in Gotham), he's prone to some... falsification.

I cannot vouch for the efficacy of office/work tips, seeing as how I no longer trust his advice.


That's not possible in my line of work.
I imagine Michelangelo knocking Ferris's teeth out.


Did someone really make you black the nipples out?


But these are very similar to the purported results of Biotest Anaconda protocol and CT's lifting programs... And have you seen CT's new 3X35 min workouts? And what were the gains promised from the Anaconda protocol? I think some users (ppl trained by CT) gained something like 40 pounds.


You gonna start your own company selling French shirts?

Start your supplement company?

Out source your credit card payments to India?

Don't take the book as some holy commandment for running a business. Some of his advice is pretty good like outsourcing remedial work to boost output, and giving employees some level of authority. All of which is offset by how much he enjoys stoking his own wang throughout the book.


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I haven't been following it and I don't remember the hype from almost a year ago. But it occurs to me that there's a difference between personal tutelage under a continent-renowned trainer with supplements that deliver drug-like effects, and taking the word of a serial otaku with fancy pictures and an old copy of a book by Arthur Jones.


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Tim Ferris is like most people on the internet with something to sell: they have some great ideas but you have to sift through some things. I don't think there's anything magical about the principles he espouses, but he does present some good ideas about how to implement them in a modern-day economy. It's tough to argue against the core principles that Ferris, and most business "self-help" guys espouse:

(1) Find something that inspires you
(2) Figure out a way to monetize it
(3) After establishing it on a smaller scale, outsource so you can scale up or continue working on new ideas.

A bit of advice my father gave me on running my own business was: "try to spend as much time working ON your business as working FOR your business." Meaning, if you are spending a lot of your time/energy on doing rote, unskilled labor for you business, it is going to be tough to make it grow. Train somebody to be able to do that, so you can keep focusing on the things that will grow your business and/or make your product better.

A lot of this stuff is the way many businesses (especially non-union physical labor jobs) have operated for years; just repackaged and branded with this jetsetting "lifestyle" stuff to sucker in the Entourage-generation who wants to live the baller lifestyle while not having to work for it.

Think about what you would do if you had a landscaping company:

(1) You would start with yourself, maybe one helper and one truck to service the couple of initial clients.
(2) While you are doing the labor yourself, you would also be working off-times to try to get a couple of new contracts. You would also be training your helper and gradually giving him more and more responsibilities.
(3) You get a couple more contracts and you make the jump to two trucks. You run one while your guy runs the other. You train another guy to run the second truck and now you can focus full-time on bringing in new clients, etc.

The most powerful thing that I've gotten out of the 4-Hour Work Week culture is to think of yourself as a corporation; ie, you are your own company. Try to spend less time getting bogged down in the grunt work and more time working hard to create new opportunities. I think a lot of people (encouraged by the "lifestyle" blogs, etc.) seem to think this means less work, but in reality, it's just different.


How does what you said change anything? You claimed that you "don't remember the hype" as if the ANACONDA Protocol was released ages ago? Can you also not comprehend that the new 1.5 hours of working out per week is not all that different than the protocol that Ferris followed? You and I both know CT is very credible, but without reason, you discredit Ferris. Unless you or someone else can further explain why Ferris is not credible, then I cannot accept that what he has claimed to have done is not the truth.

FYI I've very recently personally gained 30 pounds in less than a week.


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The 3rd time was a charm!

Thanks! I love a good nipple!


Wait what?!? Did I miss some sarcasm or an inside joke or something? 30lbs in less than 7 days?




Then you'll LOVE these!
Christie Binky



No sarcasm. I had been dieting hard and was dehydrated too. It honestly might have been 2 weeks, I can't remember and I'm not trying to stretch the truth whatsoever, but within a very short period I hit "my natural weight" which is around the 200# mark after being 172. It wasn't really that hard. It was almost all water I'm sure.