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4 Guaranteed Tips By CW?

In Tip#2 - Calculating Volume,

It guides you through how to calculate what volumes to be doing week after week.

Over the last week or so i’ve been doing my 1RM’s after reading this article.
I’m now a bit stumped on how to figure out what max volume (Total Reps x Load) to actually start working out with.

Before this i was doing a 3 x 10 regime, do i just go from there or is there a better way to work it out?


I think the important point is that your volume increases every workout or week, not what your starting volume is. So, pick your SETxREP scheme (2x12,3x8,4x6,5x5,10x3…) and start with a weight that results in being a couple of reps short of failure on the last set and build from there. If you start too high you can not reasonably increase for very long before you hit a wall.

Ok thanks for the tips.

I take, it i need to re-calculate the volume for the next session if i fail any reps etc?

I just started my first session back after a month off the other day - it bloody hurts! I’m starting off on about 85% 1RM of 5 Sets x 5 Reps.