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4 different Rotational Diet

Hey cause Its me Tapper I know I have been gone for a while pursing many differnt avenues of my life. Currently finishing my Rap CD in Oakland. Its a trip. One thing Lead to another. Remember in issue number 117 or around there Damien had trouble reaching below 12%BF, well I did it I reached 8% at 200lbs naturally, I used 4 different month rotating diets and programs using sprints, boxing, kickboxing, jui jitsu and skateboarding. I want to write a detailed program for t-mag. The supplements and Exercise frequency, intensity duration and rest periods change each month. More carbs = less supplementation less carbs= more supplementation.

Here is what I did
1 month Don’t Diet Diet Staggering meals.
No cardio. Just super set opposing body parts
1 month Zone Beverly type diet, add fat to my shake’s flax, maybe a yam, and some oatmeal but everything balanced no insulin spike.
increase mass and liver pills add in tribex do three days a week of boxing, kickboxing or sprints but no traditional cardio
1 month Beverly Serrano type diet, maybe a half a grapefruit, and veggies a day with a high carb day every 4th day.Liver, mass amino’s tribex, Md6, and BCAA’s during workout1 month low calorie low fat moderate protein your typical chicken and rice diet but carbs are at like 150 a day and protein is at 200.
keep amino’s and liver. Now use Androsol 75 sprays once a day
2 weeks same diet 600 g of carbs a day use andro 75 sprays 2tice aday. Drop all other supplements do traditional cardio more rest in between sets.

Than repeat program.
I dropped 25lbs.
I know I forgot something, but I’m gonna send in my pictures

Damien Tapper

I think the most interesting aspect of Bev. International is that they drop carbs and fat when calories need to go lower so that protein stays as high as possible. It certainly seems to work for their athletes.