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4 Die in LA Fitness Shooting



Crazy! All you T-men and women ok??


Roid rage!


Yeah I saw that... whoever did that is a huge fucking asshole.

"A witness identified as Nicole told WTAE that about 30 women were in the class when "a middle-aged white male walked into the class. He had a big gym bag. He looked out of place in a class full of women," according to the witness, who told WTAE the man put down the bag, turned off the lights and opened fire."

Who fucking shoots up a class of mostly moms? I would have no problem shooting a scumbag like this in the face.


WTF...walks into a women's class and opens fire?


reminds me of the Montreal Polytechnic shootings :frowning:


That's such fucked up shit,you really need to step your game up in America with regard monitoring potential psychos and locking them the fuck up.


No psychos in Ireland? WTF? Can you spell IRA?


Is this guy still alive, it didn't say he shot himself. I hope he is so he can be someones bitch in jail. What a pussy.


If any of the victims were from here, they'd find it hard to respond to your question... :slight_smile:

But yeah I hope everyone from here is okay too. I'd expect a T-man or woman to just resume their workout afterwards, all that adrenaline should help.


Did the lunk alarm go off?


You knew what I ment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Wondered who'd catch that.


This was in the aerobics part of the gym, which inadvertently proves weight lifting to be a smart(er) choice.


come on guys jokes are a bit much,
they are someone's mum, sister, wife


That's exactly why I don't do cardio.


I feel bad for all those involved. That sucker took the pussy way out by killing himself after.


The gym is the last place I have to go to escape the outside world. Just you and the iron or whatever you do there. So RIP to all. But just another reminder there is no such thing as a safe place to block out the world. The world will come and find you.


My wife was in the class right before that, she was out in the parking lot when the guy opened fire. Its funny, I expect to get shot at and my wife to be safe, not the other way around.


HE KILLED HIMSELF? fucking douche. that's when you run to your car and grab your gun and light that fucker up.

RIP all the innocents who died. I hope the shooter burns in hell.


Jezus... I'm glad she's okay man.


Hope he finished a killer set.