4 Dbol Cycles a Year?

So I’m on my EQ and Test Cycle, not really liking it, I’ve put on quite a couple pounds of muscle but that was in the first couple of weeks I’ve seen over the past 2 cycles I’ve done I put muscle on fast then tank out and only really gain strength.

I was thinking a good plan to prevent this for my next cycle would be a cycle such as…

Test P 100mg EOD wk 1-6
Dianabol 30mg ED wk 1-6
Aromasin 12.5mg ED wk 1-6
Test E 150mg E4D wk 5-6
Test E 75mg E4D 6-12

I at least want to try a quick blast cycle and see how it goes for me.

Also I had some questions on how my liver might handle doing 6 weeks on 6 weeks off?, Should I invest in some TUDCA?

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How many weeks are you in to this current cycle? EQ takes a while for it to kick in.

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Like 9th, EQ isn’t that good for me hunger sides werent as good as MK677 for me and I got Anxiety and Acne Sides since I already have both, I take 10mg Aromasin EOD, and thats sufficient for me,

I thought I might try short cycles since I’ve tried long estered things, I look good and full on EQ but it isn’t good for the negatives, people say it is mild and they are right but acne and anxiety are well known things associated with EQ.

That’s an outrageous dose of aromasin for your proposed cycle. But I like the layout otherwise. Maybe start the dbol lower. You’d be surprised how much you can get from just 20mg. But 30 for six weeks isn’t going to kill you. I’d say invest in some NAC as well.


Are you sure?, I don’t know personally but I heard Dbol aromatises like crazy.

It can, yes. But guys also use it at very high doses, so that could be the cause. So while you want to control e2 you absolutely do not want to crash it. Higher is better than lower. Higher e2 (not crazy high, but a bit above range) is better for muscle growth overall vs lower.

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It does. Gave me gyno even with Adex. If you really want to run dbol, add masteron and nolvadex. Drop the aromasin.

Not everyone gets gyno from it. I have done 40mg ed for 4 weeks and did not use any adex.

It does add water and when I’ve had water it looked like I had gyno a little but I don’t I bumped my test dose up to 1g for the last 4 weeks of my cycle and I’m using 10mg Aromasin ED, I’ll finish, take a 12 week break then

6 weeks on the cycle displayed, 6 weeks off, then back on and so on and so fourth

WTF are you doing banging a gram of Test? You ever heard of less is more? How long were you running or planning to run EQ for? From what I understand EQ has best results ran for longer periods of time, such as 16 weeks.

You honestly should be just eating more and training harder.

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Blast with prop at 100mgs per day. Screw dbol get adrol. And eat clean and lift heavy. Seriously I love adrol by far my favorite oral.

I know this, I just don’t really like it, I want to stop sooner as I’ve made some decent results already, I can then wait 10 weeks to cycle in the way I have said which will probably work better for me.

EQ is apparently bad for anxiety and I seem to be having panic attacks on it

I was gonna do prop at 100mg EOD it’s more about where I will inject it, If I do it EOD I can do glute,thigh,glute,thigh.

I will once I fill out I have a goal weight of 105kg for powerlifting or when I get close to that weight,

Also do you think it is gyno in those pics, I’m a little worried but have been taking 10mg ED Aromasin, I squeezed them and they dont lactate and when they say a lump under the nipple I dont know what I am really feeling for, if I push and try to get my finger under my nipple I can feel something probably smaller than an airsoft/bb bullet

If it’s hard could be, but slot of men who have hormone imbalance or insulin insensitivity store fat there. I’m a 90kg lifter but I’m also 5’8"

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Jesus you look great for 90kg in your pic!, I’m gonna do for my next blast

DBOL 25mg/day
PROP 100mg EOD
TUDCA 400mg/day - organ protection
MK677 25mg/day - sleep and recovery also amazing appetite
NAC - Organ protection
Cialis 2.5mg/day - Blood pressure
Cardarine 20mg/day - Help keep lipids in check

Aromasin 10mg EOD taper up if needed

I can get SARMs straight from a reputable lab in China for super cheap

How old are you? What’s your training and nutrition like? No offense but your pictures posted are quite underwhelming. Training and diet should be your focus at this point not fine tuning a cycle… are you on TRT?

They weren’t progress pics lol they were unpumped pics of my nipples, woke up today and they seem to not be as pointy so maybe excess water hence why I don’t look so good as I’m not exactly in condition I am at about 15% bf and 190 at 5ft 8 I was fine tuning as I have no experience with orals and since I just seem to make quick short gains short blast cycles in the long term for me would be more beneficial and I am on TRT, Gonna start small since 1g of test made no difference to 500mg and I’m mostly interested in strength rather than bodybuilding but do want to get to 105kg fill out at that weight so I have a while to go yet that is a long term goal (years)

My point was simply that the gear or cycle or whatever you want to call it is unnecessary where your at. You can see in the pictures that there is next to no pec development, delts, biceps and triceps are all underdeveloped.

You don’t need anything other than your TRT dose to make the strength and size gains you want. Im not anti AAS at all, I’d simply save it for breaking through a tough barrier.

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Too many drugs not enough food and gym

5ft 8 people do not sit at 190 at 15% so, it’s water from my current an unpumped photo with flash in the dark…

Ok, sure I eat over 4000 calories daily and train with extreme intensity…

I’m not being cocky but the whole focus of the photo was my nipples not my physique you go take a pic up close in the dark with flash on…