4-Days/Week: 5/3/1 with Power Cleans

I enjoy lifting 4-days/week and have included power cleans into my last two cycles on dead lift days. However, I am starting to feel really sore after doing cleans and deads in the same day. I noticed you had cleans paired in before overhead press in the Full Body Power Clean Variation. Would you recommend moving cleans to squat days or would overhead press day be just as viable? I’m thinking it may be too much lower back work especially as my power cleans keep moving up.

Lovin 5/3/1 and have been on it for the past 2-years. For an older guy who had not done any dead lifting or squats since college, your book re-inspired me to get off the vag train and start lifting hard again. Feeling great and looking forward to getting your feedback.

Height: 6’ 0’’
Weight: 202 lbs.
Age: 49
Press: 185
Dead Lift: 375
Bench: 310
Squat: 335

My personal advice is to put it on overhead press day first and see what happens. Just make sure your press day has a couple days between it and deadlift day.

The reason we put the clean before the squat/deadlift is to put all the big, lower back stuff on one day (or two days). It’s a bastard interpretation of the high/low method. Just be smart and open up your mind to the possibility of 3 days/week (7 day program spread over 10 days.)


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll move to the 3-day per week program (or 7-days per two weeks) on my next cycle. Looking forward to your next book and the expansion of the ‘Beyond’ program. I may try it out, since I like the progression to multiple singles. I’m just not sure how much assistance work can be done, but it will be fun to finding out.