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4 Days of DOMS?


A co-worker and myslef tried Staley's EDT template earlier this week. we are both cyclists and in better than average shape all around. we did 2 pr zones, one using a supersetted split-squat and the other with RDL's and abwork.

we probably went a bit conservative with the weight as we wre able to hit 5 reps everyset for the 15 minute limit. in the end we had 75 total reps for the split squats (per leg) and 60 for thr RDL's.

At no time did we hit muscular failure during our sets and although not completely worked, our legs definetly knew we were in the gym earlier.
That was monday morning and here i sit Friday STILL sore.

Tues, wed and thursday were almost unbearable sorenes wise and their NO way either of us felt we could hit the gym again this week for leg work.

My question then is about the EDT program and if this extended DOMS unique to its high rep design. Would i have been this sore if we would have used a more appropite load where, although heavier, kept our total rep range lower?

Did we push it as begginner lifters?

My diet has been good this week with steady amounts of fat, protein, carbs on the side and lots of water to boot.
Any thoughts


I am no expert, but whenever I start EDT, I am hit by absurd levels of soreness, no matter how heavy/light I go. It seems like it's even worse if you use a slightly heavier load the first time.

I have painful memories of barely being able to put on a shirt.


AS Staley says soreness happens dont seek it but yes it happens and damn right your bound to get it from EDT your getting a LOT of quality work, in your case 75 reps, with a load that should be near your 10 rep max. Rest let the soreness subside and you can work out with minor soreness and in time your body will adjust.



Don't worry. DOMS is not really due to poor diet or anything but just an extreme workout. 75 reps is a lot of volume so that is what caused it especially as beginning lifters.

hell i even got five days of DOMS when for one workout i went from usually around twenty reps for chest up to about 80 reps for one workout. It is just a side effect. you shouldn't experience it next time unless u really up the volume again to another like twenty or thirty reps with the same weight.


With EDT, you are doing a shitload of work per unit of time. Much more so than cycling. Not to mention the loads you are using are much more than any kind of resistance you have cycling, or any kind of torque you are producing. You are also incorporating much more stress on the upper body than cycling would generate.


I actually got 2 weeks of DOMS from doing negatives with a 150% of my rm on chins for 3X8 reps. Worst pain ever.


thanks for the feedback everyone. in general, will the soreness become less of a factor over time if i continue with EDT? if so it seems like this program lends itself to hitting the major muscle groups only once a week (for me at least).


The worst DOMS I have ever had was earlier this week. I always do my workouts at home, and the other day I had the chance to go to the gym and workout.

I did standing calf raises and was able to do them with a full range of motion unlike at home, I did about 5 sets of around 20 reps, until I went heavy enough to only be able to do 10 reps for the last set. The next day my calfs were a little bit sore.

Then then next day after that I got out of bed, and almost fell on my face because my calfs were so unbelivably tense. They got this tense everytime I didnt keep my calf moving for any more then half an hour.
Even the slightest poke to the calf muscle would case me alot of pain, (the kind of pain you get when your muscle is tender). This lasted for about 4 days.

By the way... is being this sore good? I mean... does anybody think I gained any strength from this, or do you think I just damaged the muscle to much? (My diet is good)


me too. i couldn't walk normally for three days. the first(and luckily only time) i experienced this, i didn't make it through a couple of hours of school. I couldn't walk and i was scared i was gonna tear my calf if i walked normally. I went home and stayed in bed. luckily that was on a friday so i could actually lie in bed throughout the weekend instead of missing too many days of school


Let me guess: you were 16, working out with your buddies, and there was this really hot chick working the reception...

My worst pain was my first (and last) workout of "EDT Calves".

20 minutes standing calf raises w. 10RM
20 minutes seated calf raises w. 10RM

I had to walk flatfooted for the next six days, otherwise my calves would cramp like a mo-fo. For the first 48-72 hours they felt to the touch like a ziploc bag full of jello.

On the plus side my calves grew one inch in that one week, which was my goal anyway.


I've found that I can hit muscles two-to-three times per week if I keep it to one, ten-minute PR-zone per muscle group per workout, keeping the reps between 24 and 50 per PR zone.

When I can do 50+ reps in 10 minutes for two consecutive training sessions, I'll increase the weight until I can just barely make or beat 24 reps in 10 minutes.


Listen to Elbowstrike above, man. Two leg exercise with EDT is way too much for a beginner (or anybody who doesn't have amazing recovery abilities: myself included). You took some Surge afterwards, right? That has a big effect with recovery I've found. It helps too to have had a 50+ gram protein shake an hour and a half to 2 hours ahead of time.

I'f look up CT article on recovery if I were you. Some say contrast showers are for shit, but for the kind of muscle damage and inflammation you'd get with that many reps I think you should try them (read the article).

Good luck