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4 days a week

Hey everyone,

I am a 21 year old guy weighing 219 at 5’11. I have been lifting seriously for a year(half assed for a year previously). I am in my last semester of school and unfortunately can only train Thurs-through-Sun with three off days. Can I effectively use a cycle of Deca or should I wait 4 months until I can once again take advantage of a 7 day/week training split.

Any help is appreciated.

I’m sorry, but why the hell are you thinking about using steroids when you have been only lifting “seriously” for 1 year. If you want the easy way out as it appears you do, why not just inject yourself with synthol! That will make your muscles big and lumpy instantly…

Sorry, Chino, but i agree with the other guy. After only a year of training seriously, I think it would be a poor decision to juice. As far as training splits, if you can only go Thursday-Sunday, why not try the old 20-rep squat routine. This is a full body routine normally done 2x week on Mondays and Thursdays but you could flip flop them to Thursday and Sunday. Do this routine right and you’ll grow like a weed.