4 Days a Week vs. Look Like a Bodybuilder Program

Hey Christian,

I just had a question about what seems to be a philosophical difference in the two training methods: the “Look Like a Bodybuilder, Perform Like an Athlete” program (which I’m doing now) and your recent recommendation of training 4 Days a week.

By no means am I arguing your expertise or programming, I’m just curious as to the differences and why the programs seem to be contradictory. Again, please don’t take it as arguing or challenging your expertise.

If I had to guess, it’s because the Look Like a Bodybuilder program is lower volume and not high intensity every day? I’m just trying to find the best template to use for myself (not a professional athlete and I have a full time job.)

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Just by a quick glance: Bodybuilder/Athlete is based the rocket launch rep style: which means, you have to be ultra-explosive, so the moment fatigue sets in, you stop the exercise (little fatigue). 4 Days a week uses 4 far higher impact sessions: main lift+assistance+optional isolation can be cause a lot more fatigue and muscle damage. Therefore, rest should be taken more.

What does confuse me is that they both are billed as ‘the best’. Although, they do slightly differentiate between ‘best for building muscle’, and ‘best for strength…kinda’ respectively.

I usually don’t pay all that much attention to those claims: they sell a method, and that is a good thing! But after all, it’s just another method. Hell, most templates on BB also claim they are the best. Difference is in what the programs deliver. And you know what CT consequently delivers:)

Not CT but I think the difference is the intensity of the workouts. In the 4 days article the workouts are going to be roughly the same with some minor tweaks to intensity/volume here and there (check the 915 program as a reference).

Bodybuilder/Athlete changes the intensity each workout so some of them are less demanding and much easier to recover from, therefor allowing more sessions.

Hope this helps!

I appreciate both of your responses. I had an idea about them and you both have confirmed it.

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Hi @BigIron77

Not CT again, Sigil had a question similar to you a few days ago. Here’s how CT responded

Thanks, Jasper. I didn’t see that earlier response from CT.