4 Days a Week Meet Prep Routine for a Raw Master?

I am 47 and a natural 165 LBS french lifter.
My PR are 330/240/440.
My next meet is planned in mid of November and I am looking for a good raw routine leading to this meet.
I want to train 4 times a week. I train alone in my basement, early
in the morning (3 to 6 am).
I have some experience with Candito 6 weeks program and previously with Wendler 5/3/1.
I am hesitating : should I run 2 cycles of Candito (Nick Wright version) or the 12 weeks challenge proposed in Beyond 5/3/1.
Any feedback with this routine from you guys ?
Other options to suggest ?

Most peaking programs are typically a linear progression of some sort. Squat progression for your contest could look like this:

Week 1 165x10
2 185x10
3 195x8
4 215x8
5 235x5
6 255x5
7 275x3
8 295x3
9 305x2
10 315x2
11 Meet week - open with 315 and make 2nd attempt based on how opener felt. Make 3rd attempt based on how 2nd felt.

The key is going in strong and ready to move some weight on the platform. Don’t get beat up during the peaking phase.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate !`

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I qualified for both, equipped and raw french nationals.
Equipped will be end of Feb 2019 and Raw, 2 months later.
How should I train ?
My priority is Raw but I love geared lifting as well :slight_smile:
Any inputs would be greatly appreciated…

How did you train leading up to the meet/meets where you qualified for nationals? Probably something similar to that, maybe a few adjustments.

My Raw meet was in Nov 10th, the equipped one last WE.
Therefore, I train Candito for the first one then I threw my gear on 2 or 3 times.
This time it is the other way around : equipped at first, then raw 2 months later.
Reason why I question.

You would get better advice from someone who actually competes in gear (as in not me) so I won’t say anything about the equipped meet but for the second meet 2 months is a decent amount of time to get ready for another meet. Just make sure to do enough work without the gear so you maintain bottom end strength and you should be fine.

I would recommend either hiring a coach or learning to write your own program (easier said than done) but if you got good results from the Candito program you can repeat that. The problem with programs you find online is that they aren’t written for you, unless you are able to customize the program for yourself it can have some major deficiencies.

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Many thanks for your reply !
Any equipped lifter here to complete what has been mentionned by Chris ?

I compete geared. If your raw meet is after the geared meet maybe train this way. Have a set target number raw and geared that you hit in each training session. Work up to your planned raw number then gear up and work your geared numbers.

Or you could do this if you think that’d be to much in one session
Day 1- Squats(geared)
Day 2- Bench(geared)
Day 3- Squats(raw), Deads(geared and raw)
Day 4- Bench(raw)

Thanks, I will try !