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4 Day Workout Split - Back Emphasis?


Coach Thibaudeau,

I read your 4 days a week article and decided to follow it. Could you post some sample workouts on this template? My current workouts are:

BTNP 4x5 alternated with Rear laterals 4x10 ( trying to bring them up),
DB press multi rom, 3 sets
Leaning laterals, 2x15

Squat 4x5 alternated with calf raises 4x10 (same as rear delta)
Lunges 3x8 alternated with calf raises 3x10
Half squat alternated with sissy squat (2x8 on both)

Chest (and lats, chest already strong)
Bench press alternated with sternum chin ups. 4x5
DB bench press alternated with pull ups 3x8
Wide grip pull down and pullover, 2 sets

Deficit snatch grip deadlift alternated with ab wheel, 4x5
Deadlift from blocks alternated with ab wheel, 3x8
One arm DB rows 2x15