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4 Day Wendler Spilt, 3 Days Conditioning


Hey guys. I am about to start a wendler cycle, my first cycle and I want to do the type of routine Jim outlines in his blood and chalk articles.

I will Basically be doing wendler on mondays, wednesdays, fridays and sundays and the days inbetween will be conditioning. I am not sure what conditioning best suits my goals.

I want to joing the military ut not for a couple of years, I want to spend the next two years gradually increasing my strength, mobility, conditioning and body composition, currently being aroung 35% bodyfat and 205lbs at 5 foot 9.

Would swimming be a good starting point? If I can't find a pool that I can attend to fit with my work schedule would running be the next best opion? If so how far or long for etc?

Thanks for any advice, not really very clued up about this stuff.


He has a special chapter on conditioning in his book.

All your answers are there.

Apart from that, the answer is: All of them.