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4 Day Upper/Lower Critique?

10 years of training experience most of which has been focused on the big 3. My goal is to add some mass while maintaining strength on the barbell lifts since I compete in powerlifting.

Open to any and all criticisms.

Lower 1

  1. Squat: Periodized work (low volume)
  2. RDL: 1x6-10
  3. Hip Thrust: 2x10
  4. Leg Extension: 2x8-15
  5. Abs: 2x8-10

Upper 1

  1. Bench: Periodized work
  2. Flat DB Press: 2x 6-10
  3. Rope Pushdown: 2x8-12
  4. Cable Lateral Raise: 2x8-12
  5. Seated Cable Row: 2x6-10
  6. Machine Pulldows: 2x8-10
  7. Cable Curl: 2x8-12

Lower 2

  1. Deadlift: Periodized work
  2. Leg Press: 1x10-15
  3. Leg Curl: 1x8-10
  4. Hip Thrust: 2x10-15
  5. Abs: 2x8-10

Upper 2

  1. Close Grip Bench: 1x6, 1x8-10
  2. DB Military Press: 2x8-10
  3. Cable Fly: 2x8-10
  4. Lat Focused Pulldown: 2x6-10
  5. Rear Delt Row: 2x8-12
  6. Dumbbell Shrug: 2x10-12
  7. Rope Hammer Curl: 2x8-10

Considering your exercise choices and that the program is balanced, you can’t really go wrong. I used upper-lower in the past a lot.

Redundant. Drop one or the other or replace one with a movement training the pecs in the lengthened position.

The rest isn’t horrible but there’s just way too many exercises listed. It’s like you’re afraid that you’re going to “lose” something if you don’t hit it directly. That’s not how it all works.

Narrow it back down to five movements per session. Four on lower body days.