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4 Day Split with HSS-100


I am really wanting to try out thib's Hss (orginal) 100 program, but I only have 4 days I can go to the gym and train. I was thinking about reducing it to a 4 day program by combining the quad and ham day into one. would there be a problem in doing that or would i not get as effective results? Thanks


I actually just wrote up a 4-day HSS-100 for my brother. The style of training seems to motivate him more, but I reduced the volume and number of training days to see if he responds better. I dropped arm training completely, at least for the month. I think it would be fine to throw a biceps/triceps exercise pairing on one of the other days, or put biceps with back and triceps with chest/shoulders, as an afterthought to the rest of the workout. At any rate it's hard to justify training legs one day out of four.


Could you post the HSS-100 for a 4-day split you wrote?

I guess you could always add an EDT arm session for direct arm work.



For all I know it's absolutely retarded, but he seems to be liking it. The best program is usually the one you put the most effort into anyway. I apparently did throw in some triceps extensions...I think to make up for lack of triceps involvement in the other exercise selection.