4 Day Split or 3 Day Full Body?

So with summer here I want to try to lose a little body fat with as little muscle loss as possible. Ive been doing a 4 day bodybuilding split with not much in strength gains but I gained a pretty good amount of muscle. So while I go on somewhat of a cut do you think it would be best to continue withe the 4 day or try a 3 day full body? I have heard that when you cut you want to do a strength routine

We really can’t give advice with as little information as you’ve posted.

Well like jskrabac said, you didn’t post any stats on your weights, your age, your bodyweight and so forth… Can’t really offer any advice there unless you give us something to work with.

But to answer your question, yes you should be doing strength to hold mass while dieting, but why wouldn’t you be focussing on strength in the first place anyways?

I think it would be a bad idea to completely change your lifting routine, especially if a splits been working.

[quote]jskrabac wrote:
We really can’t give advice with as little information as you’ve posted. [/quote]


SPLIT is the answer.

full body routine will make you burn calories and lose fat quickly. Try to do it 4 times a week. You wont gain much muscle in the long term with it tough. But you are not gonna lose muscle that’s for sure.

To build strength, use a strength program (split). To burn calories, do something that burns a lot of calories quickly (cardio, complexes, sprints, etc…)

Don’t use your strength program to try and burn a lot of calories, just as you don’t use cardio to try and build strength.