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4 Day Split for Strength?


Is this a good workout for strength? Feedback would be appreciated.

Front Squats-6x5

Bench Press-6x3
Standing shoulder press-6x3

Box squats-5x3

Deadlift 2x3/ 5x1
Pendlay Rows-5x5
Pullups- 5x5 (weighted)

Trying to keep the volume low. Im 6'2 205 and my lifts are as follows: Deadlift-410
Overhead Press-135


looks super random. why not an actual strength template?


How about you try one of the proven 4-day splits out there like Westside, 5/3/1, Ed Coan, Juggernaut Method, etc.



x2. Especially at your experience level.


If you train hard and rest I'm sure you can still make weekly gains at least. Don't worry about the split (you have yourself squatting in two sessions either way) and do some weekly linear progression.

Also why do you want low volume? Are you doing some other activities?


Unless you are doing something in-season now as a competitor, just do westside. You absolutely do not need to bastardize your own program right now. Westside is as good as it gets for a 4 day strength split. Or westside for skinny bastards parts 2 or 3. Both great programs. I stayed with a standard westisde template for years and got big and strong. Lots of people have gotten brute strong from westisde's standard 4 dsy split.


I was thinking of doing Westside, but was intimidated with everything that goes into it. Do I need to incorporate chains and bands if I start Westside? Or is that an option?


Westside to me also comes off as a program for more advanced lifters. Or am i wrong?


It couldn't hurt. There's a couple of giant threads dedicated to the Westside program. Check them out.



You dont need bands, chains, boards or specialty bars. If you have access to a rack, bench, bar and plates, you can a Westside program. Read the Westside threads.


Not necessarily. Instead of reading through the threads here though I would buy the EFS Basic Training Manual, Wenlder's Max Effort e-book, and Periodization Bible by Tate ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_periodization_bible ). Read those, get started, and after a few months of programming yourself using those principles then come back to the threads here. It's a LOT less confusing to get your material from one source first then getting other feedback.



I wouldn't do deadlifts the day after squats. I split my workouts as M:Bench/Tu:Squat/Th:OHP/Fri:deadlift and it works fine

If you want more squatting, do some rep work on squats on friday as deadlift assistance (3x8, 3x10, 5x10, or whatever). You have 4 days to recover before next lower body day.