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4 Day Split - Any Opinions?


Day 1
â?¢ Speed bench press(4 sets)
â?¢ Close grip bench press
â?¢ Jm Press
â?¢ Upper back work
Day 2
â?¢ Speed box squat(4sets)
â?¢ Power squat
â?¢ Front squat/Zercher box squat
â?¢ Easy Good mornings

Day 3
â?¢ Bench press/Pin press
â?¢ Ring push ups
â?¢ Some shoulders
â?¢ Upper back
â?¢ ABS

Day 4
â?¢ Speed Pull/Borzov hops(4sets)
â?¢ Halting deadlift/Snatch deadlift/band deadlift
â?¢ Hi box step up
â?¢ Hamstring work

Where it says squats...and followed by some other squats and good morings they are done far from failure...so just to include some assistance work....
Any opinions?


You are planning to do all that every time?

Why only 4 sets of speed work?


Are you not adding in a ME day? What is your short term goal?


Too much work and too light on the main lifts.
Are you going to lift at a meet soon?
I think you should do heavy squat on a heavy day and boxes on your speed day unless you don't want to compete, then just stay with what you are doing.



Looks like too many "main lift" squat and press movements per day. Granted you didn't list your rep and weight levels so I really don't know. I think you should mix up the types of movement though. Just a thought


hmm...the speed work is like part of the warm up....i want to work like Westside but the problem i find is that 1 day dedicated for squats/deadlift so i dont practice the 2 lifts technique wise :confused:


whats your problem with westside? I am not understanding...


so...since i am basically a beginner/inter... isnt the session 1 day ME where you choose 1 exercise from Box squats,Pin pulls etc...so you are only doing a squat variation or a pull variation and not both in a week...so less technique work. otherwise i know that westside has a lot of strong lifters so the program must work.


If you are following westside, then every friday you squat and pull, so every week you are doing both at least once.