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4 Day Lifting

i am a football player (qb) and would like to find a 4 day lifting program that includes olympic style lifting.

Please expand on your situation a bit. Why do you want a 4 day per week schedule? Why Olympic lifts? Have you tried to do any research yourself? Not trying to be a a-hole, just need more information, Im always very afraid of cookie cutter programs that are supposed to be the end all be all.

You do realize that there are like over 2000 articles on this site from big name contributors like Poloquin, Ian King, and for more sports specefic Coach Davies (who’s doing a guest forum right now in fact) and Joe DeFranco that has a reputation for his athletes turning NFL and conquiring the combine tests.

I usually skip the sports centric stuff so I can’t recommend exact articles, check out the archives, post a q for either of these coaches, also check out Christian Thibadeau’s pendulum articles.

i’m at college for football and were required to lift 4 days in the offseason and our program here is horrible, ex. doing tri’s and shoulders on monday then benching on tuesday and doing low back and rdl’s on monday then doing squat and leg curl on tuesday. i’ve done olympic lifts-clean 250 snatch 135x3 split jerk 185x5, i like how they build explosivness, and i’m looking for a program or article that will give exact reps/sets to build mass while developing explosivness. i’m only 187.